• Happily ever after

    “Once upon a time,” the fairy tale beginning.  It conjures up images of a better time.  Fairy tales always start off well, then things fall apart, but all ends well and “They lived happily ever after.”

    I think a lot of people are living with “Once upon a time” syndrome.  We idolize the past and forget that the good old days weren’t all that good.  We look back to some golden era in our childhood or in our nation’s history and want to regain that imagined glory.

  • Church Happenings - Week of March 8, 2017

    Lenten services at Risen Lord Lutheran Church

    Risen Lord Lutheran Church will have a Lenten Service on Wednesday evening starting at 7:00 p.m. Risen Lord Lutheran Church is located at 5138 Taylorsville Rd (across from Elk Creek gas station).

    Knights of Columbus Chicken Dinner

  • Use it or lose it

    It is already that time of year, time to get the mower out.  For me, that generally means rearranging the garage and digging the mower out from under all the junk I piled on top of it over the last few months.  Hopefully, you don’t have that problem.

  • Church Happenings - Week of March 1, 2017

    Mt. Zion Baptist at Camp Branch celebratespastor’s 1st anniversary

    Mt. Zion Baptist Church at Campbranch will celebrate the 1st anniversary of Pastor W.C. Mitchell on Sunday, March 12 at 3 p.m. The Rev. Joseph Humphrey Jr., from New Covenant Church in Shelbyville, will be visiting. The church offers Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. with worship service at 11 a.m. The church is located at 4056 Bloomfield Road in Taylorsville.

  • Enjoying abundant life even at an older age
  • Together is better

    Ok, first things first, I am a Baptist Preacher and I agree with Baptist doctrine.  I just wanted to be sure to get that out of the way before I go on to say that I am a Christian before I am a Baptist.  You see the eternal question is not, “Are you a Baptist?” It is more fundamental; “Have you placed your full faith and trust in Jesus?”

  • Church Happenings - Week of February 22, 2017

    Cub Scouts to offer Pancake Supper

    On Tuesday Feb. 28 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Cub Scout Pack 176 will be hosting a free pancake supper at All Saints Catholic Church in Taylorsville. Please come out and support the church and the Cub Scouts.

    MOM’s group to meet at SCC

  • Spring cleaning

    Our house needs some spring cleaning done.  I know it isn’t quite spring yet, but I think we really need to get a jump on things just to catch up.  Do you notice it around your house?  The dishes get done, the trash gets out to the curb, but so many little jobs fall to the wayside.  Some seasons of life steal your energy and time so that, while you can keep the basics going, some little things get missed.

  • Church Happenings - Week of February 15, 2017

    Knights of Columbus Chicken Dinner

  • Embarrassing moments

    Life is full of embarrassing moments, isn’t it?  As a pastor, I have had my fair share, in the pulpit and out.  I have stumbled over verses and gotten lost in my own sermons.  One time, after a baptism, I quickly changed back into my suit and preached the sermon that morning with one pant leg stuck in my sock.