• What’s on the inside?

    Do you remember playing tag when you were a kid? Running away from whoever was “it,” or trying to catch anyone you could if you were “it.”  Fun for the fast kids, a little harder for those of us who were a little slower.

    One day I was playing tag with my cousins on their farm.  I was “it,” and chased my cousin around a little stable and ran right into a plow.  My cousin had known the plow was there and turned the right way to miss it, but I plowed right into it.

  • Hope and faith drives cancer patient


    Nearly a decade ago, Donna Tarrant got the bad news from her doctor that the cancer in her bones would likely prove fatal within three years. Many would have accepted such a diagnosis as a directive to prepare to die. Tarrant received it as a license to live.

  • Church Happenings - Week of November 9, 2016

    Tickets now on sale for annual Community Tree of Life

    Tickes are on sale for the annual “Community Tree of Life” Christmas musical presentation which depicts the Biblical story of  the birth and life of Christ.

  • God holds the future

    Some of us stayed up late last night to moan or to celebrate.  Some went to bed early, hoping to get good news in the morning.  If the earlier polls were right about half of us are disappointed today and half of us are happy our candidate won.

  • Church Happenings - Week of November 2, 2016

    Narcotics Anonymous Meeting

    Narcotics Anonymous meetings are at First Christian Church every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. For more information, call 502-902-4599.

    Al-Anon at Taylorsville Methodist

    Al-Anon meetings are each Monday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Taylorsville United Methodist Church, 175 W. Main St., Taylorsville.

    AA meetings at three locations

    The following AA meetings are offered locally:

  • A stinging election

    Remember when you were a kid going to the doctor and he said, “This might sting a little.”  You know no matter what, that needle was going to hurt.  Right shoulder, left shoulder, or some other spot, that big, shiny needle was going to sting a Lot!  Nowadays, I can get a shot without flinching,. Most people can, but I don’t know anyone that enjoys it.  It is just one of those things we have to endure for our health.

  • Grace Chapel honors pastor


    The congregation at Grace Chapel Church of God of Prophecy recently held a Pastor’s Appreciation event in honor of Rev. Dave and Diana Hutch. The congregation cited the couple’s skill in music, counseling and compassion, and for encouraging children, youth and ministries of all ages at the church.

  • Love My Neighbor chili supper fundraiser


    A chili supper fundraiser was held Saturday for Love My Neighbor’s new facility on Garrard Street. The ministry has been closed for nearly a year as construction continues, and organizers said there’s a possibility it may be open for business by Christmas. They said they are most grateful for the volunteers and donations that have allowed the ministry to be debt-free with this new construction, which gives them significantly more room than their previous location. At least seven local churches have been actively involved in the ministry.

  • When the light shines

    The other morning I was walking my dog out of the neighborhood.  It was a cool morning and the sun was hidden behind a hill.  We suddenly walked out from behind the hill and the chilly morning was no longer chilly.  I could feel the heat of the sun on my face and was struck by how much difference a ball of fire 93 million miles away can make.

  • Church Happenings - Week of October 26, 2016

    First Baptist Family Fun Night

    First Baptist Church invites you to their Family Fun Night on Monday, October 31 from 5 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. There will be games, candy, popcorn, hot dogs and fun. Everyone is invited to attend.