• COLUMN: Mistaken identity?

    Just the other day I was looking for something at the store and I saw a lady with a clipboard and folding file-checking things off a list as she was looking at a shelf. I went over to ask her a question about something only to discover she did not work there. On closer examination I realized she was one of those extreme coupon people and she was just checking her list.

  • Church Happenings — Week of May 8

    Mt. Moriah plans ‘Come to the Country’ indoor yard sales
    Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Mount Eden is hosting a “Come to the Country” indoor yard sale on the second Saturday each month during the summer. The sale will be on May 11, June 8 and July 13 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Set up will begin at 7 a.m.
    Call Anne at 502-738-5350 to reserve a table. The cost is $20, and money raised will benefit the missions at the church.

    VBS at Finchville Baptist

  • COLUMN: Jesus calls and sends us

    Today’s text is John 20:19-31. We’ll begin with verses 19-23:

  • COLUMN: Be firmly rooted like a tree

    Trees are really amazing creations. As they are coming out of their winter rags and putting on their spring finery, I am amazed anew at their beauty and strength. Bright greens and dark greens, some flowering, some leaving pollen all over my car, but all stretching up as if reaching for the heavens.
    Have you noticed that some trees are stronger than others? Years ago we had some flowering pears, beautiful when blooming, beautiful in shape, but they grew so fast they were easily broken by the wind. Others, like magnolias, have shallow roots that the wind can easily uproot.

  • Church Happenings — Week of May 1

    First Baptist Church of Taylorsville revival services
    First Baptist Church of Taylorsville will host revival services Sunday at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., and Monday through Wednesday at 7 p.m. with student/family on Wednesday night at 6 p.m.
    The Rev. Patrick Whyte of Cynthiana is a graduate of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and will be the guest speaker. The community is invited to attend.

  • COLUMN: Life doesn’t always turn out like we expect
  • COLUMN: Lost and found

    Have you ever lost anything and been frantic to find it? The other day I lost a little security tag that turns off the alarm in my car. I searched for it for over an hour. Several friends came by wondering why I was searching my car, so they helped. I had it in my hand, in the car, the door was closed, I bumped the gearshift, heard a clink and it was gone. A few days later I tore that car apart, took out the mats, vacuumed under the seats, checked in all the pockets and cracks I could find. Now the car looks great inside, but that little security tag is still missing.

  • Church Happenings — Week of April 24

    Waterford Church of Christ hosts revival
    Waterford Church of Christ will host a revival through Thursday at 7 each night. The focus of the revival will be “The Righteousness of God,” with guest speaker Burt Jones.
    Joe Stone is the preacher at the church, which is located at 5607 Mount Washington Road. For more information, call 477-2316.

    First Assembly of God Relay for Life team plans fundraisers

  • Church Happenings — Week of April 17

    Yard sale to benefit missions team
    A Ky. 55 yard sale is planned at the Finchville Baptist Church on Friday and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. All proceeds benefit the church’s Guatemala Missions Team.

    Waterford Church of Christ plans revival
    Waterford Church of Christ will host a revival Sunday through Thursday, April 25, at 7 each night. The focus of the revival will be “The Righteousness of God,” with guest speaker Burt Jones.

  • COLUMN: When you know Jesus, it changes everything

    Philippians 3:7-14 says: