Features http://www.spencermagnet.com/features/todaysfeatures en Education - State to boost technical and career education http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/education-state-boost-technical-and-career-education <p> State education leaders say that nearly 50,000 students graduate from high school each year and too many are unprepared for today&rsquo;s jobs, without a path to acquiring skills they need.<br /> <br /> On Wednesday, Stephen Pruitt, Kentucky&rsquo;s Commissioner of Education, happily announced a three-year effort aimed at strengthening technical and career education for the state&rsquo;s public high school students, fueled by a $2 million grant from JPMorgan Chase, in collaboration with the Council of Chief State School Officers.<br /> <br /> Agriculture - Tips for catalog seed shopping http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/agriculture-tips-catalog-seed-shopping <img src="http://www.spencermagnet.com/sites/www.spencermagnet.com/files/imagecache/thumb85/seeds.jpg" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> I have learned to be discerning when it comes to catalog shopping.&nbsp; I steer clear of outrageous or cheap deals.&nbsp; I prefer the specialty catalog where expertise reigns, providing us with both a good product and the information to grow it well. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Agriculture - Local NRA affiliate attends state workshop http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/agriculture-local-nra-affiliate-attends-state-workshop <p> Members of the Five Counties Friends of NRA recently attended the annual Kentucky Friends of NRA workshop, and fund committee meeting. Chair Tony Wheatley and Treasurer Larry Mott &nbsp;represented the local Friends of NRA Committee. At the workshop, the state Friends of NRA were recognized for their huge success in 2016. First, they were awarded the Friends of NRA&rsquo;s &nbsp;&ldquo;Kentucky Breakout Award&rdquo; which recognizes those committees that have broken out of their usual efforts by reaching an extraordinary result.<br /> <br /> Church Happenings - Week of January 18, 2017 http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/church-happenings-week-january-18-2017 <p> <strong>Wednesday Bible Study at Risen Lord Lutheran Church</strong><br /> <br /> There will be mid-week adult Bible study on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. at Risen Lord Lutheran Church, 5138 Taylorsville Rd, Taylorsville. (Across from Elk Creek gas station). If any questions, please call the church office at 502-477-6557.<br /> <br /> <strong>First Baptist Women&rsquo;s Bible Study</strong><br /> <br /> MLK: “I have a dream” http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/mlk-%E2%80%9Ci-have-dream%E2%80%9D <p> <em>(Partial text of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr&rsquo;s. famous speech delivered in Washington D.C. on August 28, 1963)</em><br /> <br /> Agriculture - Winter weather can be stressful for farm animals http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/agriculture-winter-weather-can-be-stressful-farm-animals <p> University of Kentucky agricultural meteorologist Matt Dixon explained that the combination of cold air and winds create dangerous and emergency-category periods of livestock cold stress.<br /> <br /> Livestock producers should make sure animals have adequate shelter, water, dry bedding and feed to make it through cold spells. Pet owners should bring pets indoors. UK livestock specialists said animals have a higher requirement for energy in the colder months, so producers should have high-quality grains and forages on hand to meet their needs.<br /> <br /> Agriculture - Winter gardening restores http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/agriculture-winter-gardening-restores <p> There is something about working in the garden on a sunny winter day:&nbsp; it clears debris from both the perennial bed and the gardener&rsquo;s head.&nbsp;&nbsp; There is clarity to the winter landscape that is quite different than any other season.&nbsp; On a clear day, the sky is a true blue, you can see all the birds flitting about the leafless trees. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Remember TV dinners? http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/remember-tv-dinners <p> Do you remember TV dinners?&nbsp; I thought of them as sort of a treat when I was a kid. We didn&rsquo;t have them often, but when we did, I got to help.&nbsp; Peeling off the tin foil top or poking holes over the mashed potatoes, it all seemed like fun. Nowadays they don&rsquo;t call them TV dinners.<br /> <br />