Features http://www.spencermagnet.com/features/todaysfeatures en Agriculture - Extension intern plans career in ag education http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/agriculture-extension-intern-plans-career-ag-education <img src="http://www.spencermagnet.com/sites/www.spencermagnet.com/files/imagecache/thumb85/img_1210.jpg" alt="Marianne Gaddie will spend the summer as an intern with the Spencer County Cooperative Extension Office. The Morehead State University student hopes to one day teach agriculture in high school." title="Marianne Gaddie will spend the summer as an intern with the Spencer County Cooperative Extension Office. The Morehead State University student hopes to one day teach agriculture in high school." align="left" hspace="6" /><p> &nbsp;</p> <p> In a year or two, expect to find Marianne Gaddie teaching high school agriculture, or perhaps working as an extension agent.</p> <p> The 2013 Spencer County High School graduate is working this summer as an intern at the Spencer County Cooperative Extension Office. She started May 16, and she&rsquo;ll be putting in 40- to 60-hour weeks all summer.</p> <p> This fall, Gaddie will be a senior at Morehead State University, where she&rsquo;s an agriculture education major.</p> Agriculture - Growing sweet potatoes http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/agriculture-growing-sweet-potatoes <p> Once again, we enjoyed sweet potatoes all winter long from a fantastic harvest last fall. I planted out about 25 organic slips in Shepherdsville in late May, and by early November we had four nursery crates full of one of nature&rsquo;s perfect foods. Seven months and counting in storage with no spoilage is impressive. We are down to about a dozen sweet potatoes; just in time for a transition to other summer vegetables.</p> Agriculture - State researching hops as new crop http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/agriculture-state-researching-hops-new-crop <p> The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) is in discussions with Western Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky to study the viability of hops production in the Commonwealth, Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles said.</p> Hiding behind the curtain http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/hiding-behind-curtain <p> One of my favorite movies is the Wizard of Oz. I remember watching on a black and white TV (Do they even make those anymore?). I never realized until years later that Oz was in color.And the horse of a different color really does change colors.</p> Church Happenings - Week of May 25, 2016 http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/church-happenings-week-may-25-2016 <p> <strong>VBS at First Baptist of Taylorsville</strong></p> Seniors attend Baccalaureate http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/seniors-attend-baccalaureate <img src="http://www.spencermagnet.com/sites/www.spencermagnet.com/files/imagecache/thumb85/img_4553.jpg" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> &nbsp;</p> <p> More than 40 seniors from Spencer County High School gathered at Spencer Christian Church Sunday night for the 2016 Baccalaureate Service. They were challenged and encouraged through song and through speeches as they prepare to complete their high school graduation and move on to college or careers.</p> Churches unite for meal ministry http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/churches-unite-meal-ministry <p> Five local churches will be collaborating this summer to make sure no one in Spencer County goes hungry. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m., members of those churches will be serving a meal for free to anyone who comes.</p> <p> The first meal is scheduled for May 31.</p> <p> The ministry, called &ldquo;Summer Supper Together,&rdquo; will be held at Taylorsville Community Church, 404 Garrard St. It will run through Aug. 9.</p> <p> The meal will be followed by a short devotional and a time of prayer for any needs attendees may have.</p> What’s in a name? http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/what%E2%80%99s-name <p> The other day I ran across an interesting article about colors and how we see them. It seems that there is some question whether we can really see colors if we don&rsquo;t have a name for them.</p> <p> I&rsquo;ve always wondered about this, because I&rsquo;ve noticed that my wife often calls one blouse &ldquo;eggplant&rdquo; and another &ldquo;maroon.&rdquo; To me, they are both just purple&ndash;one a little darker maybe, but still just purple.</p>