Features http://www.spencermagnet.com/features/todaysfeatures en SAVVY SENIOR: Do you need to file a tax return in 2015? http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/savvy-senior-do-you-need-file-tax-return-2015 <p> Dear Savvy Senior,<br /> What are the IRS income tax filing requirements for retirees this tax season? I didn&rsquo;t have to file last year, but I picked up a little income from a part-time job in 2014, and I&rsquo;m wondering if I need to file this year.<br /> Part-Time Retiree</p> HISTORIC PATHWAYS: Gunplay in Taylorsville http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/historic-pathways-gunplay-taylorsville <p> While doing some microfilm research at the Louisville Free Public Library last week, this scribe ran across an interesting item in the Sept. 16, 1964 edition of the Louisville Journal.<br /> The items gave details of a shooting in Taylorsville during the Civil War.<br /> Here&rsquo;s what it said:<br /> &ldquo;Deporster Killed By A Brother Guerrilla.<br /> Snow, plants and the effect of deicing agents http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/snow-plants-and-effect-deicing-agents <p> Share the joy of your salvation http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/share-joy-your-salvation <p> by Ned Way</p> There is dangerous beauty in the world around us http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/there-dangerous-beauty-world-around-us <p> The beauty outside the window on a snowy winter&rsquo;s day is hard to deny. The white blanket that covers everything seems so soft, while the frigid cold makes things appear crystal clear. To walk outside and hear the winter silence broken only by the crunch of snow underfoot and the soft hiss as the wind blows the snow along can be intoxicating.<br /> Step out for your faith http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/step-out-your-faith <p> A reading from the Gospel of St. Matthew 1:18-25:<br /> Student-loan debt not as bad as advertised http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/student-loan-debt-not-bad-advertised <p> The respected research group Brookings Institute has released reports that cast a disturbing eye on student-loan debt -- at least on the surface. The bare stats might look more grim than the reality.<br /> Between 1989 and today, graduate students have left school with debt that has risen from $10,000 to $40,000. At the bachelor-degree level, the debt has risen from $6,000 to $16,000. However, because of having degrees, the lifetime income of those students also has increased enough.<br /> Sleep medication linked to falls http://www.spencermagnet.com/content/sleep-medication-linked-falls <p> DEAR DR. ROACH: You&rsquo;ve discussed sleep aids and your belief that it is best to get off all of this type of medication. I am healthy, 75 (take no meds), exercise with weights, do swimming and running regularly, and since 2007 have been taking an over-the-counter sleep aid called doxylamine nightly with no apparent side effects. Do you see a problem with continuing? -- A.B.</p>