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  • Plant collectors have long appreciated orchids and African violets for their winter bloom cycle. I have amassed a collection of both, and they help me get through the winter with their colorful interest. But violets and orchids are not the only classes of plants that can deliver in the winter; think succulents.

  • Standby generators provide emergency electrical power during disruptions caused by winter storms and other disasters. However, you need to take some special precautions to ensure safe, efficient operation of these generators.

  • James Clellon “Jimmy” Sharp has enjoyed seeing his musical compositions recorded by big name artists and has also faced the frustration of having his work stolen, but he’s still writing songs when he’s not working on carpentry projects.
    Jimmy, the son of Alfred and Ella Sharp of Taylorsville, was born in Bloomfield. He and his wife, Martha (Curtsinger) live in Spencer County, down on Ky. 48 where Nelson County is just across the highway.

  • Dear Savvy Senior,
    A coworker was recently telling me about a tax credit she got last year for simply contributing to our company’s 401(k) plan. What can you tell me about this, and who’s eligible?
    Over 55

  • I just looked at my desk and realized, not for the first time, that it is a mess. It seems to work for me most of the time, but lately it seems to have gotten out of hand. I just did a quick count and I have 27 books that I can see sitting on my desk. There may be more, but they are buried under envelopes and labels and sermon notes and receipts and who knows what else.

  • By NED WAY

  • I use this annual reflection to track our record of animal husbandry since we began raising a few hens for a personal egg supply in 2007. Those few hens turned into over 100 in a few short years. It was contagious, I suppose, as our taste for productivity grew and we added not only more eggs but meat chicken and lamb to the mix.

  • It was the roaring 20s and prices were down right cheap, but people didn’t have much money to spend.
    Take, for instance, the prices 93 years ago at Wakefield in Spencer County where J. M. Rogers, M.H. Briggs and F.J. Donovan were operating a general merchandise store.
    They advertised the “Highest Price Paid For Country Produce.”
    Warren G. Harding was inaugurated March fourth, 1921 as the 29th President of the U.S. and a fire burned down a barn on the James Heady Wakefield farm a year later.

  • For U.S. Postal workers, 1994 has come full circle.
    As they organized, sorted and stuffed the millions of Christmas cards and letters last week, many possibly thought back to January when they were once again swamped with mail but for a different reason.
    The snow storm of 1994 shut down everything for five days, including schools, businesses and even the one service thought unstoppable: the mail.
    When they finally returned to work, the mail carriers’ bags must have swelled as large as any Christmas Eve.

  • We all have bad habits. Some people chew their fingernails; others mow their grass too short in the summer. You can guess which one bugs me the most. The odd thing about many of the worst bad habits in the garden is that they have become so commonplace. The worst offenses are repeated everywhere to the extent that gardeners think they are the rule.