Today's Features

  • Tall fescue, specifically Kentucky 31, is a cool-season grass that is widely grown throughout Kentucky and the eastern United States, because it is resistant to many unfavorable conditions including drought tolerance and insect resistance. However, the very reason for its resiliency is also its Achilles heel. It contains a harmful fungal endophyte that causes fescue toxicosis in cattle and horses. Affected animals get sick, have reduced weight gains, reproductive problems and other issues.

  • A healthy fruit crop from your favorite fruit tree can dramatically increase with some late winter attention.  Pruning is key to healthy fruit trees and fruit production.  You can prune any time after the threat of harsh winter weather is over until just before the tree is in full bloom.  Prune out any winter damage, branches that grow inward and crowded limbs.

  • Ok, first things first, I am a Baptist Preacher and I agree with Baptist doctrine.  I just wanted to be sure to get that out of the way before I go on to say that I am a Christian before I am a Baptist.  You see the eternal question is not, “Are you a Baptist?” It is more fundamental; “Have you placed your full faith and trust in Jesus?”

  • Cub Scouts to offer Pancake Supper

    On Tuesday Feb. 28 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Cub Scout Pack 176 will be hosting a free pancake supper at All Saints Catholic Church in Taylorsville. Please come out and support the church and the Cub Scouts.

    MOM’s group to meet at SCC

  • In a fit of gratitude, I made a list of the things I loved about my life the other day.  I managed eight solid things. None were frivolous and one prompted the whole exercise:  I love warm February days.  This beautiful February day set into motion a very productive weekend.  It felt fantastic to get some good old fashioned garden clean up done with my husband by my side and the sheep grazing freely about.  It makes you feel optimistic about the rest of your life.

  • Our house needs some spring cleaning done.  I know it isn’t quite spring yet, but I think we really need to get a jump on things just to catch up.  Do you notice it around your house?  The dishes get done, the trash gets out to the curb, but so many little jobs fall to the wayside.  Some seasons of life steal your energy and time so that, while you can keep the basics going, some little things get missed.

  • Knights of Columbus Chicken Dinner

  • The kissing bug may sound like a virus that plagues the protagonist of a romantic comedy, but in fact, these insects are real, and one species does occur in Kentucky. These blood-feeding insects have received a lot of media attention due to the potential health effects of their bites in the southwestern United States. University of Kentucky extension entomologist Lee Townsend recently discussed what Kentuckians need to know about the insect.

  • Cut flowers are undoubtedly the most popular manifestation of showing your love for someone on Valentine’s Day, but potted flowering plants can do the trick, too.  Perhaps the potted bloom has the potential to remind your lover that the sentiment lasts all year…but what does it mean if you can’t get it to bloom again?  Is your love doomed? Of course not, but here are some tips just in case.