Today's Features

  • I have my orders placed for onion sets and seed potatoes along with some of my favorite summer crops that will be directly seeded in the garden once the temperatures really warm…I can barely stand the wait! I have just seeded out several trays of early season vegetables that like a cool start to the season. Kale, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are just beginning to push through the light potting mix.


    There’s a group of young people in Spencer County whose compassion has been strengthened with first-hand experience when it comes to understanding and helping the homeless.

    The youth at All Saints Catholic Church this past Saturday night participated in the first All Saints Cardboard Charity Campout, and while the name may suggest a fun time, the aim was serious and the conditions Friday night ensured lasting lessons were learned.

  • Do you ever feel weak?  I don’t mean physically weak, though I am sure that happens sometimes.  No, I mean a kind of deep weakness that steals into your heart and life.  The kind of weakness that makes everything an effort.  The kind of weakness that might be called depression or exhaustion.  The kind of weakness that robs color from your day and paints everything in shades of grey.

  • Recently, my daughter spent three days in Kosair Children’s Hospital. The issue was severe dehydration. The nurses kept giving her bags of fluids, and liquids to drink to help her body replenish what fluids she had lost. As I watched and prayed over her, God reminded me of the story of the woman at the well who spoke with Jesus. This is a profound story because what I realized is that at times … I am severely dehydrated, but not from lack of fluids. I become spiritually dehydrated.

  • March Gladness Revival at Christian Lifeline Center

    Christian Lifeline Center, located at 174 Taylorsville Road, will be holding March Gladness Revivals every Sunday in March. The church invites you to join them each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. On March 6, the services will be conducted by Pastor Edgardo Leon, March 13 will be Pastor Tee Freeman, March 20 will be Pastor Laura Swann, and on March 27, Easter Sunday, Evangelist J.D. Redmon will preach. There will also be an Easter egg hunt after Easter services.

  • A new Blue Grass Stockyards facility will be built along Iron Works Pike despite concerns about Georgetown’s water supply, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray and officials with the Bluegrass Stockyards announced Friday.

    “Blue Grass Stockyards is to cattle what Keeneland is to Thoroughbreds,” Gray said at a news conference. “It is the biggest cattle market group east of the Mississippi River. Because of its sales volume, it effectively sets the cattle price structure for the entire Eastern United States.”

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is issuing a notice of intent to cancel all Bayer CropScience, LP and Nichino America, Inc., flubendiamide products that pose a risk to aquatic invertebrates that are important to the health of aquatic environments.

  • True to most springs in Kentuckiana, one day is sunny and warm, the next cloudy and cold. It’s an anxious time of the year for most gardeners as we watch the sun coax open a little patch of crocus or catch sight of an old landscape filled with waves of blooming white snow drops. Must we wait for the forsythia to bloom as we pray for warmth? No, there are plenty of other early bloomers to keep us content until spring truly arrives.

  • I have holey shoes.  Not Holy, as in sanctified or Godly shoes, just shoes with a hole in them. I found the hole in my shoes one day last week when I was walking my dog Molly.  Now Molly doesn’t care about the weather.  Rain or shine, she wants her walk at least twice a day.  So one day it was pouring rain, I put on a coat and hat, grabbed my umbrella and off we went.

  • March Gladness Revival at Christian Lifeline Center