Today's Features

  • You may have noticed your home being invaded by an assortment of pests this fall, including Asian lady beetles, boxelder bugs, crickets, spiders and black soldier beetle larvae. These creatures typically visit homes that provide easy entry this time of year, often seeking refuge from changing weather.

  • Many of us are inclined to fertilize in the early spring when we see the grass green-up and the “sproutlings” begin to grow. And we really get excited once the foliage emerges from our trees and woody ornamentals! Although many plants benefit from a little extra energy in the springtime, we need to retrain the way we associate fertilization and plant growth. With lawns, trees and shrubs we want to feed the plant when the roots are actively growing, not the foliage. A strong root system means a healthy plant that can withstand the pressures of the modern world.


  • Finchville Baptist to host ‘The Great Chili Cook-Off’
    The Great Chili Cook-Off
    Finchville Baptist Church is hosting “The Great Chili Cook-Off,” Sunday, Nov. 2 starting at 6:00 p.m.
    It is $10.00 to enter a pot of chili and $5.00 to eat (no charge if you entered chili.)
    Categories to enter: most like mom’s recipe, hottest/spiciest, best vegetarian, most creative.
    A new treat this year is the caramel apple bar. Call 834-7973 to enter in this year’s Chili Cook-Off.

  • The Apostle Paul wrote: God has chosen you. (1 Thes 1:4) We can learn a lot about being saved from this little sentence. We learn that God is the one who chose us to be his child, we did not choose him. Jesus made this clear when he told his disciples in John 15:16, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit…”
    Jesus has chosen you… That is huge.

  • When I was a kid, going to the mailbox was always exciting. Even the junk mail was great, of course back then I don’t think we had near as much junk mail as we do these days. And let’s face it, as a kid you don’t worry about the bills.
    But the best part wasn’t the junk mail, it was the cards or letters addressed directly to me. Before e-mail or text messaging or Instagram or Facebook, there was the regular old U. S. Mail. Birthday card and letters would always bring excitement and anticipation.

  • It’s not too late in the season to benefit from an inspection and tune up of your home heating system. Whether you have a forced-air furnace with full house vents, direct vent heaters in multiple rooms, a wood or pellet stove or an oil-fired boiler with radiators, we have a long winter ahead of us.
    Any necessary repairs can be made now before we’re in the full force of winter, when quick service might be impossible to get. Plus, you’ll add years to the life of your heat system by doing regular maintenance.