Today's Features

  • Pictured are members of the Spencer County Multi Purpose Community Action Agency’s Senior Life Enrichment Center who recently participated in a short study about birds commonly found in Kentucky. Participants are pictured here building and painting their own birdhouses. The craft activity followed the study.

  • Valentine’s Banquet at Ridgeview Baptist Church
    Ridgeview Baptist Church is hosting its second-annual Valentine’s Banquet Feb. 15 at 5 p.m. Children are invited!
    Ticket prices are $10 for adult couples, $7 for a single ticket 14 years or older, $5 for children 7-13 and children 6 and under are free.
    For ticket information contact Nicki at 502-631-2810.

    Celebrate Recovery

  • A reading from St. John 1:29:  The next day (John) saw Jesus coming toward him, and said. “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”
    The world we live in today is a world of extremes. For example, we can go from witnessing the innocence of childhood  to seeing the most wretched acts of violence…all in one day.

  • With all the cold and snow and ice out there I think we’ve all been reminded to hang on tight. I stepped on to a patch of ice as I got out of the car today and I was glad I was hanging on to the door. When it is raining or icy out it can be good to have something to grab on to.
    A while back I stepped on to some wet grass in a parking lot and did the splits right there. Thankfully I wasn’t hurt, I just glanced around to be sure no one had seen me and got right up. But it sure would have been nice to have someone to hang on to when my feet went out from under me.

  • The following Taylorsville Elementary School students had perfect attendance in December:

    Ms. Santo
    Alexis Barrick, Abbigail Boarders, Noah Campbell, Tylan Haydon, Emma Mattingly, Boston McClain, Alexander Peterman, Silas Tackett, Grayson Tipton.

    Ms. Sztanya
    Christian Davis, Cali Hornback, Clinton Hutchingson, Abigail Linger, Lucas Martin, Sydney Smith, Jonathan Struck, Joshua Taylor, Aiden Thacker, Akira Vires.

  • A few weeks ago on Ira Flatow’s Science Friday there was an interview with research biologist Rob Venette from the U.S. Forest Service in Minnesota that addressed the effect temperature has on certain insects. The ability of insects to survive winter- when so many of them thrive in summer- has always fascinated me. While we would most certainly root for the bees and butterflies my enthusiasm would wane for fleas and ticks.

  • Jesse and Frank James did a considerable amount of their hiding in northeast Nelson County around Chaplin and in the Samuels-Deatsville section not far from Bardstown. The area was friendly territory for the soldiers of fortune where families named Dawson, Samuels, Sayers, Pence and Hall provided food and lodging.
    The Tom and Nancy Dawson log house still stands where Confederate Guerrilla Captain William Quantrill wrote love poems to Nancy Dawson, their granddaughter.

  • 60 years ago
    January 28, 1954
    Little Mt. Baptists Continue Fund Drive
    On Sunday, January 17, the Little Mount Baptist Church raised $1,928.34 for its building program, but because of bad weather previous to the Cash Raising Day, the church voted to extend the drive until Sunday, January 31.

  • The 2014 Spencer County Relay for Life will be held on June 13 at Spencer County High School. This year’s featured entertainment will be Spencer County’s own, Judge Angus.
    Team registrations are currently free of charge and you can register your team today at www.relayforlife.org. Anyone interested in participating is encouraged to attend the scheduled monthly meetings.
    All meetings are hosted at the Taylorsville United Methodist Church. For questions, please contact Mary Beth Thomas at (502) 477-8171
    Future meeting dates: