Today's Features

  • More years ago than I care to think about, I was in the Marine Corps.  Part of serving in the military is undergoing inspections; it was a regular thing.  Most units I served had daily inspection and formation just to make sure we showed up and looked presentable.  Then there were weekly inspections in the work area and in the barracks.  Those inspections were not really much of a problem.

  • Mt. Moriah Baptist Church Fun Day on July 4

    Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Mt. Eden, will be holding a Community Fun Day on July 4th following the Mt. Eden 4th of July parade. The event will include food, watermelons, music, a greased pole, bouncy house, water slide, soapbox derby, toilet races, an archery contest, horseshoes, corn hole, a hay bale throw, watermelon seed spitting contest and games for children. There will be photo opportunities and the entire event is free.

    Victory Road to appear on Great Day Live


  • “If the word noble had to be applied to only one kind of tree, the honor would probably go to the Beech.”- James Crockett

  • The other night I looked up at the night sky and realized what an amazing thing was happening.  I don’t mean the stars.  Of course they are amazing, but that we can see them from light years away. Or consider the moon. On a clear night, we can see it’s mountains and craters with our naked eyes 250,000 miles away.  A quarter of a million miles!

  • Songwriter Regie Hamm at Grace Chapel

  • Elk Creek Baptist Church VBS

    Elk Creek Baptist Church will be having Vacation Bible School starting on June 11 and going through June 16. The theme will be “Operation Arctic” and will start each evening at 6:30 p.m. and end at 8:35 p.m. The VBS is for children pre-K through sixth grade. Supper will be provided, along with plenty of laughs, smiles and giggles. For more information, visit the church’s website (where you can pre-register) at elkcreekbaptist.com or call 477-2730.

  • It is the vacation season.  Schools are out, and both parents and kids are ready for a break from the everyday routine.  Some of us look forward to a trip to the beach, some are ready for the mountains, some of us like nice hotel rooms, other are great with a tent, but most of us enjoy getting away from time to time.

  • Powdery mildew is probably the most common garden fungus around.  It is not too terribly picky about where it spreads, it likes humid weather, thrives in the heat of the summer and is hard to control once it has started.  The trick here is to prevent it from happening by proper plant selection, spacing, pruning and treatment before it spreads.

  • As Co-Chairs of the Kentucky Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus, we find it fitting to take a moment to extend an enormous debt of gratitude to our hunters and anglers. The critical contributions that these sportsmen and women make to our economy and professional fish and wildlife management in the Bluegrass State ensure that we will enjoy access to our hunting and angling traditions now and into the future.