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    The high school students performed a demonstration of EKG and phlebotomy tests under the guidance of health science teacher Dorothy Beaverson. For the first time this year, students have the opportunity to earn nationally recognized EKG, phlebotomy and Clinical Medical Assistant certifications before they graduate. Eighteen students recently received EKG certification, Beaverson said.

    Dorothy Beaverson said 21 students are involved in SCHS’s health science program, which is in its third year.


    Trace Maloney is this week’s 10th grade Most Valuable Bear. He is involved in the SCHS choir and drama program. He plans to attend college for acting. SCHS teachers describe Trace as mature, charismatic, caring, an outstanding leader, and wise beyond his years.

  • Raising small poultry flocks on the farm or in the backyard has become very popular. The most important things to remember when choosing the type of housing are provisions for adequate shelter from weather, adequate ventilation and also protection from predators.

    You should choose housing that is easy to build from readily available materials. Housing should also have a low maintenance cost and support the changing needs of your flock.

  • Ten years ago, Andy and I set to the task of building a potager-style vegetable garden. It has largely been a success.

    Last year sort of swamped us, however. So, with a few months of winter’s rest behind us, we are ready to start planning a recovery of sorts. Last summer’s rains turned our beautiful potager garden into a weed farm. The wood chips for mulching are currently waiting in the wings for a dry spell so we can drive them back to the garden and spread them out as paths between our planting beds.

  • Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles is encouraging Kentucky motorists to make a voluntary $10 donation to the state Ag Tag fund when they buy or renew their farm vehicle license plates.

    The donation is divided equally among Kentucky 4-H, Kentucky FFA and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. The “ag tag” donations generated $540,357 in FY 2015. Half of the 4-H and FFA funds go back to the county where the tag is purchased.

  • I drink a lot of water: I like water. Drinking water usually saves a couple of bucks at restaurants, so maybe I’m just cheap, but I really do actually like water. Do you remember when water only came out of the faucet? When I was a kid, no one ever thought about buying water at the grocery store.

  • Lenten Services at Risen Lord Lutheran Church

    Risen Lord Lutheran Church, 5138 Taylorsville Road, will be holding Lenten services on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. during the Lenten season. For more information, contact the church at 477-6557.

    Lenten Fish Dinners at All Saints Church

  • The Kentucky Supreme Court has let stand an appeals court decision that only regulated utilities can use the power of eminent domain to get land for pipelines.


    A strong scent of skunk has been lingering around the house for the last few weeks, which is actually surprising – surprising because of the livestock guardian dogs’ presence; not surprising, however, because it is mating season for skunks, and they are on the move.


    The following students were honored at Taylorsville Elementary as “Great Students” over the past nine weeks. Teachers’ names are in all caps:

    Wyatt Allgeier, Joseph Arnold, Aiden Badon, Tailynn Barnes, Jazilyn Bruck, M. Tate Flanagan, PJ Godoy, Chase Greenwell, Alivia Lee, Sophie Moline, Macy Nation, Avery Pooler, Keagan Prewitt, Claire Raisor, Rodney Smith, Thomas Valenzuela, Joslyn Waldridge, Lydia Whittington, Sarah Wilder.