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  • More than 100,000 cattle move through the Bluegrass Stockyards each year. The facility has been a mainstay in Central Kentucky since the mid-1930’s. Recently a massive fire completely destroyed the location near downtown Lexington, and local producers will feel its absence.


    It’s February and of course we instantly think of Valentine’s Day. What better way to create a warm spot during the cold bleak month of February than to plan a tasty dinner and dessert for that special someone in our life on Valentine’s Day, particularly if the dessert is chocolate.


    Spencer County High School sophomore Skylar Volz claimed statewide recognition recently when her wildlife conservation essay won third place out of 17,665 entries from across Kentucky.

    “I did not think I was going to make it that far,” she said. “… Even though I didn’t win, it was still a really big deal for me.”

    Volz wrote her essay last fall when her school required all agriculture students to participate in the Kentucky Division of Conservation’s annual writing contest.

  • Editor’s note: The following is the winning essay written by SCHS Sophomore Skylar Volz:

    Dear Kentucky Representatives,

  • Wow, have you seen those “Get Cash Now” commercials? I wasn’t really paying attention, but I caught the end of one the other night when that little disclaimer blurb flashed up. You know the one you can barely see and never have the time to read? Anyway, all I saw was 99.25 percent APR. You’ve got to be kidding.

  • Ash Wednesday, Lenten Services at Risen Lord Lutheran Church

    Risen Lord Lutheran Church, 5138 Taylorsville Road, will be having Ash Wednesday church service on Wednesday, February 10 at 7 p.m.

    The church will also be holding Lenten services on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. during the Lenten Season. For more information, contact the church at 477-6557.

    Lenten Fish Dinners begin Feb. 12


    It isn’t hard to find the art classroom at Taylorsville Elementary School, but once you get there, it’s easy to get lost in the art. The pottery will carry you to times past, to peoples far away. The paintings will make you feel like you’re right there in the scene.

    At TES, every student spends 50 minutes in art class each week. The caliber of the art is a testament partly to the giftedness of Spencer County’s kids, partly to the talent of their teacher, Catherine Knapp.


    The rules on amending soil have changed over the years. Part of the change relates to the fact that good soil is hard to come by in new developments where enormous earth moving equipment is used to level trees and land. This equipment not only removes valuable topsoil, it also compacts the subsoil and kills much of the living organisms that make up a healthy soil system. The less we disturb the soil the better, but for many the reality is bleak so some sort of amendment is necessary in order to improve tilth, drainage and nutrition for our plants.


    The Kentucky state veterinarian’s office is monitoring the avian influenza outbreak in poultry flocks in southern Indiana to protect Kentucky’s $1 billion poultry and egg industry.