Today's Features

  • Gregory Knapper of Taylorsville was named to the president’s list in the Advantage program at Mid-Continent University. He is a member of the Louisville 19 Cohort.
    To achieve president’s list honors, students must maintain a 4.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale term.

  • Brandy Renee Karrer, daughter of Donnie and Sandy Lucas and David Hardin, all of Taylorsville, graduated with a Master of Arts in teaching from the University of Louisville on Dec. 19, 2013 at the KFC Yum Center. Brandy is the wife of Jason and mother of Makayla and Blake.
    Brandy is a 1996 graduate of Spencer County High School. 

  • Hunter Stump, Bobby Joe Harris, Macy Nation, Cameron Doggette, Alyssa Hitch and Dustin Chesser were selected as students of the month for December at Taylorsville Elementary School.

  • Principals Honor Roll
    All “A”
    2nd 9 Weeks

    Ms. Buynak
    Gabriel Bowling, Sydney Druin, Justin Kendrick, Braydon Kessinger, Annie Riggs, Taylor Rogers, Sadie Steele, Alexandria Wheatley.

    Ms. Martin
    Jaxon Beckham, Andrew Gibson, Stephen Perry, George Summitt, Andrea Tackett, Jude Taylor, Trish Vires, Shawn Wright.

    Ms. Tackett
    Kali Coleman, Wade Hutt, Jacob Maddox, Teddi Parks, Libby VonKalben.

  • During the Civil War (1861-1865), Taylorsville, Bloomfield, Lebanon and several other communities were generally known as “Rebel Towns.”
    A woman, not from Taylorsville, told me recently that when she was a teenager, her mother wouldn’t let her date Taylorsville boys or even visit the town after dark because it had a bad reputation.
    Of course, we Taylorsvillians always thought other towns were rough and as teenagers, some of us found out which ones, the hard way. I always let my friends do the fighting. I was too busy for such nonsense (blush).

  • 50 years ago

    Winners of the Chamber of Commerce Christmas Decorations Contest are listed as: House, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Harp, first place; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Slucher, second.
    Door: Dr. and Mrs. Tom Follis, first, and Mr. and Mrs. David Stout, second.
    The only window entry was that of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Prewitt.
    The Chamber gave two prizes in each of the three divisions.

  • As I write, we are getting flurries and the forecast calls for some frigid temperatures (by now we are experiencing them!). We have called to have our old furnace serviced to hedge our bets against frozen pipes as the heat pump struggles to keep up with single digit temperatures. The firewood is stacked and ready to stoke the Buckstove for overnight; and if the sidewalks get slick we have a stash of de-icing agents. As the winter season unfolds, consider the effect that de-icing agents have on your plants.

  • Lice can suck the profits out of your beef and dairy cattle herds during the winter. These cold-loving pests spread when animals bunch together in response to frigid temperatures, and we’ve already had plenty of those.
    You can reduce potential lice problems on cattle by keeping new animals separate from your herd until you’ve given them a thorough louse treatment, generally two applications of a contact insecticide.

  • Parenting — how do I do it the right way? That is today’s topic in my new series on “The Family,” which begins with this column.
    Many (maybe most) parents have asked themselves questions that contain the word “right.” After reading books, magazines and other material, including some of the writings from the book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible, they believe their parenting isn’t working the way they’ve been taught it should.

  • Dear Savvy Senior,
    My pastor recently suggested that I get informed on my elderly parents’ financial situation and end-of-life plans so I can be better prepared when something happens to them. What’s the best way to handle this and what all do I need to find out?
    Apprehensive Daughter