Today's Features

  • As I write, we are getting flurries and the forecast calls for some frigid temperatures (by now we are experiencing them!). We have called to have our old furnace serviced to hedge our bets against frozen pipes as the heat pump struggles to keep up with single digit temperatures. The firewood is stacked and ready to stoke the Buckstove for overnight; and if the sidewalks get slick we have a stash of de-icing agents. As the winter season unfolds, consider the effect that de-icing agents have on your plants.

  • Lice can suck the profits out of your beef and dairy cattle herds during the winter. These cold-loving pests spread when animals bunch together in response to frigid temperatures, and we’ve already had plenty of those.
    You can reduce potential lice problems on cattle by keeping new animals separate from your herd until you’ve given them a thorough louse treatment, generally two applications of a contact insecticide.

  • Parenting — how do I do it the right way? That is today’s topic in my new series on “The Family,” which begins with this column.
    Many (maybe most) parents have asked themselves questions that contain the word “right.” After reading books, magazines and other material, including some of the writings from the book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible, they believe their parenting isn’t working the way they’ve been taught it should.

  • Dear Savvy Senior,
    My pastor recently suggested that I get informed on my elderly parents’ financial situation and end-of-life plans so I can be better prepared when something happens to them. What’s the best way to handle this and what all do I need to find out?
    Apprehensive Daughter

  • Bettie and Joe Chesser were married Jan. 10, 1959, in Taylorsville, where they have lived most of their married life.

    They have two daughters, Deanna Shepherd (Bob) and Angie Helton; four grandsons, pictured, Joey Tindle, Nick Lake, Daniel Helton and Dalton Helton; two granddaughters, Ashlee Tindle and Stacy Dahlsjo; six great-grandchildren, Grace Tindle, Alexis Helton, Piper Dahlsjo, Sadie Dahlsjo, Avery Dahlsjo and Jaxon Dahlsjo.
    Bettie is a housewife retired from Elk Creek Grocery and Joe is employed at Etscorn’s.

  • Knights of Columbus to host chicken dinner
    The Knights of Columbus–All Saints Council in Taylorsville invites the community to its all-you-can-eat chicken dinner on Jan. 19 from noon until 2 p.m. at All Saints Church on Main Cross in Taylorsville. The meal features broasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, butter noodles, and all kinds of desserts. The dinner is on the third Sunday of each month at the same time. Drink and dessert are included.

  • As you may know I have a dog, a big dog. She is house trained, but that just means we have to take her for walks. So I walk her 3 or 4 times a day, usually for about 20 minutes each time. Most of the year that is not a problem, but lately it has been a different story.

  • There have been several important people from Spencer County and one of them was Dr. Richard Burgess Gilbert.

  • 40 years ago
    Miss Barbara K. Bryant is the winner of the 1973 Conservation Essay Contest announces Ray Hobbs, Chairman of the Spencer County Conservation District. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Bryant and is an eighth grade student at Taylorsville School. The subject of this year’s contest was “Fish and Wildlife Conservation, What Can I Do?” Her winning essay was selected from 139 essays entered in the contest.