Today's Features

  • A national magazine shows a cartoon: a man sitting at a desk looking anxiously at five barometers on the nearby wall. One barometer is labeled Job Pressure, another states Financial Pressure, another reads Family Pressure, another reads Time Pressure, and the last of the five reads Social Pressure.
    While looking at this cartoon, the viewer produces a knowing smile, however, no one needs to have these five barometers to remind the viewer of severe daily pressures.

  • My husband and I started a tradition shortly after we got married of making goodies at Christmas for our family and friends. (The tradition was suspended when our daughter was born.) We tried out new recipes each year, but also took requests for favorites from previous years. One item that was always requested was fudge. We did not have an elaborate recipe, and in fact used the one on the back of the marshmallow cream jar. It is not real fudge, but it’s much easier and tastes great.

  • Each year, I like to pass along the following tips and information about the most popular plant of the holiday season, the poinsettia.
    Traditional red and green colors are well represented in the flowers available for the holidays. Poinsettias, the most popular and spectacular holiday flowers, can combine both these colors.

  • Today, most gardeners do understand the process of composting organic matter and the value of adding this material to their gardens. However, there are still many who don’t do it because they think it is hard to get started.
    Well, fall garden clean-up, leaf raking and a little kitchen debris may be all you need to get a healthy compost pile started this season. Mother Nature will provide the material if you provide the management.

  • Zoe Brooks-Jeffiers, daughter of Mark Jeffiers and Paige Brooks-Jeffiers has been selected as the SCHS Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership Seminar participant.

  • Spencer County High School senior Madolyn Bell Bennett completed the graduation requirement of 15 hours of shadowing at Nucleus: Kentucky’s Innovation Center.

  • Finchville Baptist Church recently announced the following events:
    •Church members will ring the Salvation Army bell at Walmart in Shelbyville this Saturday and next from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
    •The church’s music department will present the cantata, “All is Well,” on Wednesday, Dec. 19, at 7 p.m. with a dinner beforehand at 5:30 and a dessert reception afterward. The reception will feature story reading for the kids and a certain jolly ol’ elf will make an appearance.

  • Have you noticed all the homes dressed up for Christmas? Apartment doors with wreaths hanging, candles in the windows, greenery hung here and there, and light everywhere — lights on the house, lights on the bushes, even lights shaped like reindeer or Santa on the lawn.
    Some people, especially children seem to like multicolored lights, with reds and whites, blues and greens all mixed together. Some people go with the traditional red and green Christmas colors. I really like the simple white lights that shine like the winter moon on fresh fallen snow.

  • After serving in the ministry from 1954-2012 Pastor Mavis Bennett has retired.