Today's Features

  • Spencer County High School senior Christina Shawver has received an Offer of Appointment to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

  • The following students were selected as December and January Grizzly Heroes at Spencer County Middle School: Katie Wilburn, Bailey Ethington, Robert Howell, Shelby Matthews, Ashley Brown, Jonathon Milby, Jacob Coke, Marissa Priddy, Dustin Chesser, Dylan Stone, Jordan Bartman, Mason Cooper, Makenna Cox, Mailelani Rogers, Luke Hardin, Kyle Brian, Daniel Wakefield, Baylie Cranmer, Zack Matherly, Dylan Brooks, Jack Pence, Kevin Underwood, Michael Thompson, Zack Coke and Kris Nolen.

  • As Spencer County Elementary fourth grade teacher Stephanie Sanford’s students entered the classroom on Feb. 17, they read from their agenda, “I can be a paleontologist for the day.  How hard could it be?”

  • Shane Greenwell, the state FFA entrepreneur winner, was recognized last week at the Governor’s Mansion by Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson.

  • Spencer County High School FFA’s national winning FFA Dairy Judging Team was recognized last week at the Governor’s Mansion by Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson. The team will represent the National FFA in the Scotish Highland International Contest in June in Edinburgh, Scotland. The team is presently selling raffle tickets for a new 2012 Dodge Truck to help finance the trip. The drawing is May 15. To purchase tickets, go by the local schools during normal hours.

  • Residents who will soon be renewing license plates for their farm trucks will notice a $10 voluntary donation on the renewal, according to a news release from Spencer County Clerk Lynn Hesselbrock’s office.
    The $10 donation will be split among the Kentucky FFA Foundation, the Kentucky 4-H Foundation and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s “Kentucky Proud Program.”
    “All are very worthy organizations which work to keep the Kentucky agricultural community and business strong,” the news release said.

  • I am plotting and planning and placing order for onion sets and seed potatoes and summer crops that will be directly seeded in the garden once the temperatures really warm . . . I can barely stand the wait. I have two trays of seedlings that I started about two weeks ago and have begun another round of kale, broccoli and Brussels sprouts in three more trays.

  • Over the last few weeks I have been interacting with insurance agencies, banks, doctors and assorted other organizations on behalf of my mother.  The headaches and mindless policies can drive you crazy!  And then there are those who forget that each policy number or account number represents a living breathing person! By the way, all of this stuff happened in a state that will remain nameless, although orange and volunteer may give you a hint!

  • Rainbow styled cakes are a fun current trend in cake decorating. The rainbow can either be colors in the cake layers or batter, or some kind of rainbow in the frosting. I saw a rainbow cake for the first time about two years ago. A college classmate posted a photo on Facebook of a cake she and her son made with plain white frosting and colored layers. It looked so amazing! A few months later, Family Fun magazine featured a cupcake that had a rainbow layered into the batter.