Today's Features

  • Once autumn leaves have fallen, mistletoe becomes highly visible on large trees throughout Kentucky. Phoradendron, the scientific name for Kentucky’s most common variety of this parasitic plant, means tree thief. These small leafy plants are commonly found on twigs and branches of many hardwood species in the southern United States. Mistletoe extracts—steals— water, mineral elements and food from tree hosts; hence the name.

  • It that time of year when talk turns to turkeys. Technically, there is only one breed of turkey, with several varieties, although many people incorrectly refer to these varieties as breeds.

    Turkeys are raised only for meat. They are not raised for egg production, as with chickens, ducks and quail. As a result, turkeys do not produce very many eggs.

    The most common type of commercial turkey raised in the United States is the Broad-Breasted White. It has a larger breast than the other varieties of turkeys.

  • Free Thanksgiving Meal sponsored by local churches tonight

    There will be a free Thanksgiving Meal served at Taylorsville Community Church as several local congregations are coming together to provide the meal on Wednesday, November 23 from 6 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. In addition to the free meal, there will also be complimentary family portraits taken. The church is located at 402 Garrard Street.

    Tickets now on sale for annual Community Tree of Life

  • Thanksgiving sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?  But it isn’t always, is it?  Circumstances may make it hard to give thanks.  Maybe this year was a bad year and everything went wrong.  You know, like those old country songs where everything goes wrong and even your dog runs away!

  • The Office of the State Climatologist and the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, in coordination with the Kentucky Drought Mitigation Team, are issuing a Level 1 drought declaration for 117 counties in Kentucky.

    A Level 1 drought indicates moderate to severe drought conditions have developed, primarily affecting soil moisture and vegetative health.  Increasing incidents of wildfires and adverse impacts to agricultural water needs and public water supplies are likely if drought conditions persist.


  • Tickets now on sale for annual Community Tree of Life

    Tickets are on sale for the annual “Community Tree of Life” Christmas musical presentation which depicts the Biblical story of  the birth and life of Christ.

  • Do you remember playing tag when you were a kid? Running away from whoever was “it,” or trying to catch anyone you could if you were “it.”  Fun for the fast kids, a little harder for those of us who were a little slower.

    One day I was playing tag with my cousins on their farm.  I was “it,” and chased my cousin around a little stable and ran right into a plow.  My cousin had known the plow was there and turned the right way to miss it, but I plowed right into it.