Local News

  • Healthy motivators in winter

    When the temperature broke 70 degrees just two weeks ago, people all around Spencer County were glad to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine.  It was nice to get a break from a long, cold winter, but now it appears that the cold weather is not gone for good. 

  • Governor signs HB144, increasing vice taxes

    Gov. Steve Beshear signed a budget package Friday that he said protects funding for basic education, health care and public safety. The package approved Friday by the Kentucky Senate, and earlier this week by the House, includes some $150 million in additional spending cuts combined with a 30 cent increase in the cigarette tax and applies the state’s 6 percent sales tax to store sales of beer, wine and liquor. Under the package, the basic education funding formula would be preserved from any cuts, while higher education would only be cut 2 percent.

  • $819 Billion: Recovery Act sparks local interest in stimulus funds

    When President Barack Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act last week in Denver, nearly every elected official across the country began to wonder just how much of the $819 billion would trickle down to them.

    Spencer County officials are no different, and while details and final figures are hard to come by at this early point, local governments and the school district are already discussing ways to put the money to use.

  • Cycling event racing this way

    Taylorsville and Spencer County have been asked to play host to hundreds of cycling enthusiasts this summer during the USA Cycling 2009 Masters Road National Championship.

    Local leaders – who are eager to promote tourism in the area – see this event not only as a chance to showcase what the county has to offer, but their willingness to work with athletic event organizers.

    “We need to get more involved in sports tourism,” said City Manager Steve Biven. “We need to let people know we are capable of handling (events).”

  • Gun pointing case heads to Grand Jury

    Ronnie Inghram, of Ashes Creek, appeared in district court Friday for a preliminary hearing with Judge Linda Armstrong.

    After hearing testimony from Spencer County Sheriff Steve Coulter, Armstrong ruled that there was enough evidence to send the case to the Grand Jury.

  • 2009 NAP sales closing deadline

    Supplemental Revenue Assistant Payments (SURE) provides benefits for  farm revenue losses due to natural disaster. SURE payments are available to producers on farms that: are located in a county covered by a qualifying natural disaster declaration (9USDA Secretarial Declarations only) or a contiguous county  OR

    the actual production is less than 50% of the normal production for the entire farm.

  • Snow days: School board still uncertain

    Making up for lost days isn’t proving as simple for Spencer County school officials as they struggle with amending their calendar while the state lawmakers discuss the possibility of waiving some of those snow days incurred during the recent ice and snow storm.

    Spencer County Superintendent Chuck Adams tried to explain the less-than-simple scenario to board members Monday night, explaining that local students have missed a total of eight days, but that state officials may extend an offer to some districts that would allow them to write off some of those days missed.

  • FSA ice storm damage program

    Agricultural producers who suffered damage as a result of the January 2009 ice storm may request cost-share assistance from USDA to rehabilitate damaged farmlands. The Emergency Conservation Program (ECP), administered by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency FSA), provides cost-share assistance when disaster damage is so severe that recovery without federal assistance is unlikely. Requests for assistance will be accepted at the local FSA Service Center from February 10 until April 13, 2009.

  • Two-hour stand off, two arrests

    A New Haven man and a Taylorsville woman have been charged with possession of meth after keeping deputies at bay for two hours last Tuesday night – barricaded inside a mobile home near Waterford.

    Deputy Russell Cranmer, acting on the tip of an informant, spotted Alan F Metcalfe entering the home of Andrea G. Carlson located at 130 Stumps Lane. Cranmer had received reports that Metcalfe, 46, was trafficking the illegal drug and could have a mobile lab in his vehicle.

  • Overturned truck causes 10 hours of backroad touring for motorists

    A late night propane truck accident on KY 44 resulted in a hectic Wednesday morning for motorists last week as authorities were forced to re-route traffic along Spencer County’s secondary roads for more than 10 hours.