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  • Crusade Class D felons known

    More information has become available in the instance of the Taylorsville-Spencer County Fire Protection District utilizing the class D felon work program to collect Crusade for Children funds, including the criminal backgrounds of the inmates used.

  • Parade, fireworks honor holiday
  • COLUMN: Following rules important in sports, life

    If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’. So goes the mantra that’s been repeated in many a NASCAR garage as pit crews have tried to wrench their way to the tiniest advantage. For many, a checkered flag seems to justify a checkered image.
    But it’s not just racing where shenanagins have been used for a competitive edge in the sporting world. I’m not sure if any game is immune to those who try to cut corners, bend the rules, skirt the system, or just blatantly cheat to get ahead.

  • Erico Smith hosts skills camp


    Former Spencer County Bears track and football star Erico Smith worked out with local kids recently at Spencer County Stallions field. Smith, who now plays football and runs track for the University of Kentucky, teamed up with some of his current teammates to hold running and fitness training classes for local kids.
    The first event turned out to be a challenging day for these young athletes. Classes are held at the Stallions football field at 100 Water Street in Taylorsville. Classes are open to all ages. Smith will hold two more sessions the 12th and 19th.

  • COLUMN: Louisville to ACC is the story of millennium so far

    University of Louisville’s entry to the Atlantic Coast Conference last week is, I think, the most important sports story of the new millennium in Kentuckiana.
    Among the high, if least mentioned, positives: Economic impact possibilities regionally; and, the nearest NBA franchise will remain at a distance, Indianapolis.
    New league, new television option for fans, new everything. Included, Rick Pitino spin/coach-speak.
    “Rick Pitino could charm the gold out of your teeth and not even leave you a toothache,” a friend said awhile ago.

  • COLUMN: Passing through open doors

    Have you noticed that new houses only have front doors these days? I mean they have back doors and side doors, but they don’t have screen doors or storm doors anymore. I remember when I was a kid, screen doors would slam all over the neighborhood. Maybe with the advent of universal air conditioning we don’t see the need for that extra door.

  • COLUMN: Jesus, friend of sinners
  • CHURCH HAPPENINGS: Week of July 9

    Open Door Christian hosting Vacation Bible School
    Open Door Christian Center at 2345 Taylorsville Road in Bloomfield is hosting Vacation Bible School July 21-24 from 6-8 p.m. Children through ages 12 are welcome and the event is free. This year’s theme is God’s Backyard Bible Camp.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Ergonomic tools can ease gardening pains

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    Can you recommend some good ergonomic gardening gear for seniors? My 72-year-old mother loves to work in the garden, but has been plagued by various gardening injuries this year.
    Looking for Solutions

  • COLUMN: Avoid the dangers of trite phrases

    In one of my recent columns I stated that my wife of more than 56 years had recently died. During the subsequent weeks since then, conversations took place, and some of them triggered much of the material in the present column although I often, in the past, wanted to address this subject in one of my columns. Some phrases or words can become meaningless to the recipient, although there is usually no intent on the part of the speaker for this to be the case.