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  • The Far Middle: Salt truck budget cuts
  • Local administrator answers questions about preschool

    By Jaclyn Risden-Smith
    Exceptional Child Services Director
    Spencer County Schools

  • Twyford speaks at recent chamber event

    Local businesswoman Devon Twyford, Vice-President/Director of Organizational Development for Citizens Union Bank, recently spoke to Spencer County-Taylorsville Chamber of Commerce members about business goal setting.

    Twyford said goal-setting must be based on the SMART methodology, meaning goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. She encouraged members to set goals for 2011 to improve business and promote job performance.

  • As gas prices rise, state considers fuel alternatives

    With gas prices in December seeing the biggest jump in 18 months, consideration of alternative fuel development moves to the forefront.

    “Gas price certainly reinvigorates the conversation,” said state Sen. David Givens, R-Greensburg. “The advances that we are making are incremental, but substantial nonetheless. Those efforts were ongoing when fuel prices went down and will certainly be more in the spotlight now.”

    Givens was part of a state task force that a year ago made recommendations for biomass and biofuels development in Kentucky.

  • King visits with high school class, gets student feedback

    Annette King, executive director with the Taylorsville Spencer County Economic Development Authority, Inc., had an opportunity recently to speak with a group of students at Spencer County High School who are enrolled in a leadership class.

    This is a new course devoted to uniting school and community through student participation, volunteer services and sharing of ideas for the community. It was evident by the open dialogue that the students want to support and be a part of their community.

  • God new, and he still knows today

    The main theme of Exodus 2:23-25 is the providence of God. God knew – and he still does! He heard the cry and groans of his people, He cared about their suffering, and he knew just how to deliver them.

  • The dreaded W-2 surprise

    Have you received your W-2 yet? That little slip of paper is always so surprising. Not surprised at getting it, surprised at what it says about us. It is just a simple piece of paper that tells us how much we made last year. It reports a few other things too, but it is the income surprise that always catches me.

  • The center lane

    Illustrator Ed Gamble takes a look at "the center lane" this week.

  • Local business owner named Healthy Hero for december

    Why is David Young a Healthy Hero?

    David, who is pictured with Geri Travis, owns and operates The Tea Cup. He has spent his life eating healthy and using a technique called juicing. He is also an advocate for healthy supplements. David participated in the Spencer County Biggest Loser Program and also prepared a healthy Biggest Loser breakfast and lunch for other participants to purchase at the Tea Cup. After work every day he walks 3 miles.

  • Cat conundrum: City faces feline overpopulation

    Taylorsville is currently in the middle of a veritable feline invasion, according to Mayor Don Pay. Stray cats can be seen daily, scampering about the streets of downtown Taylorsville, looking for food and any makeshift shelter that will protect them from the elements.

    “There are probably several hundred cats out there and there will be several hundred more if this problem isn’t dealt with now,” said Mayor Pay. “Everyone complains about this kind of thing but very few people have tried to do anything about it.”