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  • Sheriff and police department reports

    Spencer County Sheriff’s Department activity report for calendar year 2014:
    • Traffic stops/warnings: 377
    • Traffic stops/citations: 110
    • Highway safety checkpoint: 0
    • Non injury accidents: 175
    • Injury accidents: 58
    • Fatalities: 1
    • Other calls for service: 3096
    • CCDW permits 419
    • Vehicle inspections 797
    • Total arrests 303/41 DUI
    • Subpoenas and summons
    served 1053
    • Recovered property $9,400

  • New Detective hired at S.O.


  • Mt. Eden Fire Board accepts bid proposal for new station

    The Mt. Eden Volunteer Fire Department’s Board of Trustees took a huge step in rebuilding their burned fire station by approving the bid of Walters Buildings Monday evening.
    Walters Buildings, which was the lowest bidder on the project, bid $215,982 to build the new fire station pursuant to specifications provided by Walters. The bid carries with it an anticipated start date of 30 days, with completion expected to follow in 90 days.
    The board was unanimous in its approval of the Walters bid which was the lowest of six bids presented for the project.

  • Riley recommends 10 percent cut to sheriff’s budget


  • Woodmen donate flags to city
  • Chamber details Kentucky job surge

    Kentucky added manufacturing jobs at more than twice the national rate over the last five years and the average pay for those employees grew faster than the national average, according to a economic study released Monday.
    Overall, Kentucky added jobs in all industries at a slightly slower rate (5.6 percent) than the nation as a whole (6.3 percent), but surpassed the job-growth rate of most of its bordering states.

  • HISTORIC PATHWAYS: Bargains Galore at Wakefield Store

    It was the roaring 20s and prices were down right cheap, but people didn’t have much money to spend.
    Take, for instance, the prices 93 years ago at Wakefield in Spencer County where J. M. Rogers, M.H. Briggs and F.J. Donovan were operating a general merchandise store.
    They advertised the “Highest Price Paid For Country Produce.”
    Warren G. Harding was inaugurated March fourth, 1921 as the 29th President of the U.S. and a fire burned down a barn on the James Heady Wakefield farm a year later.

  • BACK IN TIME: The top 10 stories of 1994

    For U.S. Postal workers, 1994 has come full circle.
    As they organized, sorted and stuffed the millions of Christmas cards and letters last week, many possibly thought back to January when they were once again swamped with mail but for a different reason.
    The snow storm of 1994 shut down everything for five days, including schools, businesses and even the one service thought unstoppable: the mail.
    When they finally returned to work, the mail carriers’ bags must have swelled as large as any Christmas Eve.

  • Kick those gardening bad habits in 2015

    We all have bad habits. Some people chew their fingernails; others mow their grass too short in the summer. You can guess which one bugs me the most. The odd thing about many of the worst bad habits in the garden is that they have become so commonplace. The worst offenses are repeated everywhere to the extent that gardeners think they are the rule.

  • Meet your magistrate