Today's News

  • Clerks mark 25 years of organ donor promotion

    The KY Circuit Court Clerks’ Trust For Life, Kentucky’s Organ & Tissue Donation Awareness Program, will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary.

  • City police respond to dead animal left on porch, more vandalism

    Anti-Christian graffiti and a dead, charred possum are the latest incidents of mischief being investigated by Taylorsville City Police.

    Park Duvalle Medical Center on Reasor Avenue was the latest building to be hit with hateful words written or painted on it. The messages included a call to burn churches and kill Christians, with other obscenities. It also included some satanic imagery and messages.

  • Deer disease hits state

    Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease has been reported in white-tailed deer in several east Kentucky counties. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources received confirmation from the Georgia- based Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study Wednesday morning of a Kentucky deer with a strain of the disease.

  • What’s Happening - Week of August 16, 2017

    Historical and Genealogical Society to meet

    The Spencer County Historical and Genealogical Society will meeting on Monday, August 28 at 6:30 p.m. off site. For more information, contact Cathy McClain at 738-5089.

    Elk Creek Community Festival in planning stages

  • THS Class of 1967


    The Taylorsville High School Class of 1967 held their 50th Reunion recently. Pictured from left to right are: Gary Marksbury, Rodney Washburn, Charles David Marksbury, Alice Henry Legette, Ernie Thompson, Billy Smith, Karen Ingram, Sharel Redmon, Kathy Clark Humphrey, Jim Hyatt, David King, Betty Humphrey Crenshaw, Ronald Snider, Martha Day, Jimmy Travis, Martha Day Brown, Sue TIndle Washburn, Connie Bowman Cherry, Chris Greenwell, Donna Husband Puckett, Donald Simms, Gerald Schuler, Betty Whitehouse Laraway, Allen Reid Marksbury and Tommy Mason.

  • Kentucky State Fair highlights agriculture

    The Kentucky State Fair is one of the highlights of the agricultural year in Kentucky. As a farm kid from Scott County, I have many fond memories of past state fairs. It’s a chance to rub elbows with our neighbors, reunite with friends from across the Commonwealth, and show off the best that Kentucky agriculture has to offer. The 113th edition of this great tradition is Aug. 17-27, and, as always, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) is pleased to be a part of it.

  • The Battle of Charlottesville

    The Battle of Charlottesville is over, with one person dead and a nation embarrassed.

    Yes, it was a battle, carried out by two hateful sides who came armed with sticks, bottles, rocks and wearing uniforms that included helmets and shields. Neither side was intending to engage in any civil debate. This was designed to be a battle and that only one person was killed is evidence that the cowards on both sides apparently like to dress up like soldiers, but have the actual warrior skills of toddlers - slapping, stomping and then quickly retreating.

  • FROM OUR READERS - Blaming Trump is insanity

    A bunch of white supremacists and neo-Nazi’s hold a rally in a public park.  A bunch of anti-whites including Black Lives Matter racists show up to hassle them and the fight was on.  A nutcase terrorist kills and injures people by running them down with his car.  And, who gets the blame for this?  Donald Trump.  That’s insanity.

    People in the media, you ignored the BLM people.  You look like you are afraid you will be called racists if you tell the truth.

  • FROM OUR READERS - Be aware of “The Big Lie”

    If you have not yet seen Dinesh D’Souza’s new book  “The Big Lie” - it addresses exactly what is happening with this weekend’s terroristic action and the media’s reaction.  I wish he had done the movie version first. This country needs it now.  

  • Community steps up at Shelter fundraiser