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  • Several phone scams reported in county

    Thieves do not have to break into your house to steal. Sophisticated scams on the internet, through the mail, and over the phone have become all too common in recent years.

    Two local residents contacted the Spencer Magnet about such scam attempts they’ve thwarted recently.

    Bill Kiser said he has long entered the Publishers’ Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, but knew something was fishy when he received a phone call from them, asking if he’d received notice that he was a winner.

    “They said I won $2 million,” said Kiser.

  • Levee work can’t wait

    There are two very real dangers posing a threat to Taylorsville. One is a devastating flood. The other is continued inaction by local leaders.

  • What does that flag mean?

    When I was younger, I had a Confederate flag license plate on the front of my car. It was a 1974 Mustang that I paid $500 for and I used that car to deliver pizzas, drive to school, to church and it took me everywhere I needed to go.

    The flag had nothing to do with my attitude towards people of other races. Although admittedly, it may have had something to do with my attitude toward people who looked down their noses at anyone who lived in the country or in the south.

  • From our readers:Who is The Government?
  • Agriculture - Shading the blazing sun

    It’s been a hot and humid last few weeks! I was hopeful that this summer was not going to be idyllic…at least we got rain just in the nick of time! These ninety degree days, however, are putting us on track for some serious heat this summer. Some vegetables will surely respond to temperatures in the 90’s…some will be good and some will be sad. I know we can’t change the ambient air temperature on a ninety degree day but we can provide some shade for our plants on the hottest days of the summer with reasonable results.

  • Agriculture - Dealing with Millipedes

    Millipedes are important recyclers that break down decaying plant matter as they feed. They accumulate in areas where there is moisture coupled with mulch, fallen leaves, or a significant thatch layer.

    During some times of the year, large numbers of millipedes can appear suddenly, covering sidewalks and sides of buildings. Reasons for this behavior are not clear, but the two main thoughts regarding this activity are that it may be due to:

  • Anglers, hunters often overlook need for adequate eye protection


    Every angler has at one time or another forgotten something in their rush to leave for a fishing trip.

    It’s disheartening when that something is sunglasses. Squinting and shielding your eyes for hours takes some of the fun out of the experience.

  • Big money is the story at UK

    Top story for University of Kentucky basketball fans this week involves 10 players getting rich on Thursday night, right? Karl Anthony Townes down to second round surprises, we’re familiar with the names already.

    It is not the top story.

    That would be elephant-in-the-room linkage between the following ...

  • SCMS athletes set new records


    The elementary portion of the Spencer County Middle School Track team competed in the Elementary State Track Meet at North Oldham High School earlier this month.

    Wade Hutt placed second in the 100-meter run and second in the long jump. Gabe Bowling placed fourth in the 400-meter run and third in the 200-meter run. Brice Roark placed second in the long jump and third in the 100 meter dash. Chris Rollier placed fifth in the long jump and 12th in the 100-meter dash. James Hall placed 13th in the 100-meter dash.

  • Magistrates voice road concerns

    A rift between a couple of magistrates and the county road foreman made for some tense moments during Monday evening’s fiscal court meeting.

    During a portion of the meeting designated for committee reports or comments from members, Magistrate Jim Williams read a statement critical of county road supervisor Todd Burch.