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  • Legally married, yet emotionally divorced

    How is it that marriage partners appear in many ways of their life to have emotional attachments with others with sufficient closeness to enjoy these relationships, while at the same time becoming more detached from one another in the marriage? What are some of the ‘triggers’ that may have brought about the decline and can marital life be restored and enriched that will carry the marriage for the lifetime?

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Senior organizations that appeal to conservatives

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    Can you recommend any advocacy organizations for seniors other than AARP? I cut up my AARP card a few years back when they supported Obamacare, and am now looking for another organization that better represents me.
    Conservative Senior

  • Church happenings — Week of July 30

    Bethlehem Baptist taking collection for cemetery care
    Bethlehem Baptist Church is taking up collections for the care and maintenance of the cemetery. If you would like to support the upkeep of the cemetery, please send donations to the church or contact them through www.bbc-ky.com.
    Finchville Baptist to hold Founder’s Day picnic

  • Jesus is for all of us
  • Moving fast and slow through life

    Have you ever noticed that when you are in a hurry, everyone else moves too slowly?  Or when you are laid back and taking it easy, everyone else seems to be in such a rush?  The other day I was running late to meet my wife and let’s just say I was pushing the speed limit.  I got behind this car that just seemed to be poking along, and I got a little frustrated, then I looked at my own speedometer!  I decided I’d better back off a little bit!

  • Shelburne shares memories of the hardcourt

    John Herndon
    Landmark News Service

  • Spencer County grad earns scholarships
  • Fishing options for the dog days

    FRANKFORT, Ky. – The dog days of summer settled over Kentucky in the last week, bringing the hottest temperatures of the year. The summer heat in July and August make fishing reservoirs a tough prospect.
    Even bluegill get grumpy in the larger lakes at this time of year, much less largemouth bass.

  • To the last of the true Fab Five

    Last of the first and only Fabulous Five, Wallace Clayton ‘Wah Wah’ Jones left us this week. He was 88.
    Nicknamed Wah Wah by his sister Jackie when she was just learning to talk and couldn’t pronounce his name, stuck.
    An All-American for rawhide tough legends Bear Bryant and Adolph Rupp at Kentucky, Wah Wah was their equal at thriving on toughness.

  • Hall of Fame honors those who played by the rules

    Baseball enshrined six more names into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY over the weekend. It’s an annual event that seems to be more noted recently for who isn’t mentioned than for who is. That’s a shame because such distraction steals the focus from those truly deserving of their bronze plaques.
    Those responsible for the steroids scandal of the past generation of baseball players robbed the game of its integrity for more than a decade. America’s pastime has still not fully recovered.