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  • From our readers - Thanks for all who helped make election go smoothly

    The election is finally completed and I’m sure that, like me, you are relieved. The changes were many both in the Commonwealth and nationally. As a County Board of Election member, we were preparing for a large turnout and the questions that result from so many newly registered voters and voters who haven’t cast a ballot in awhile. The citizens were definitely motivated this year.

  • From our readers - Veterans deserve thanks every day of the year

    Fewer than 10 percent of Americans can claim the title of veteran. Far less than one percent of our population is currently defending us in the global war on terrorism. And yet, so many seem intent on trying to balance the budget by diminishing the quality of life programs designed for the veterans who have already disproportionately made sacrifices.

  • From our readers - Thanks church for election hospitality

    On behalf of the poll workers at Spencer Christian Church, we want to thank SCC for its great and continuing hospitality. Not only to us, but for their honoring veterans who came to vote. It was truly a gesture of Christianity that will not be forgotten.

    Tony Wheatley
    Taylorsville, KY

  • Thank God this ain’t Portland

    On Thursday night, I watched young people marching in the streets, crying and cursing. I saw footage of college-aged people burning flags, dismembering effigies of Donald Trump and then saw footage from Portland Oregon of windows being smashed and rocks being thrown at police.

    It was enough to make you lose complete faith in the next generation.

  • What does the election mean for Spencer Co?

    As Spencer County Judge Executive, I’d like to share what I believe last Tuesday’s historic election means for Spencer County.  

    First, Spencer County had the highest percentage of registered voter turnout (67.88%) than all of the other 119 counties in Kentucky.  We clearly are not the largest in population of the 120 Kentucky counties, but our voters take elections seriously enough to show up and vote, on a percentage basis more so than any other county in Kentucky.

  • Election a great day for Kentucky and America
  • What’s happening - Week of November 16, 2016

    Community Thanksgiving Service

    The Spencer County Ministerial Association’s Community Thanksgiving Service is Sunday evening, November 20 at 6 p.m. at Plum Creek Baptist Church in Taylorsville. Everyone is welcome. The church is located at 31 Plum Creek Road in Waterford.

    All Saints Holiday Bazaar

  • Taylor Swift has ushered in new love for guitar

    Taylor Swift has been in the spotlight for a decade now. Ten years ago, Swift released her first (self-titled) album at 16 years old. What stands out about her is that she was writing her own songs and they were good.

    Since she plays guitar, Taylor Guitars (unrelated) has made several successful Taylor Swift models. She actually wrote her first album using a Baby Taylor guitar.

  • Bears fall to John Hardin 36-22


    For the second year in a row, the Spencer County Bears saw their season end in a second-round playoff loss to John Hardin. And like last year, it was a battle that came up just a little short, 36-22.

  • Win or lose - you gotta love those Bears!


    The end of the season is always hard. Watching athletes who have dedicated most of the year to training, practicing and competing game after game, only to see the season end in a loss is not a pleasant occasion.