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  • summer Salt River canoeing


    Local teens enjoyed a trip down the Salt River thanks to a summer program at the Library. More than two dozen teens paddled down the river about six miles, enjoying the scenery and checking out the wildlife. last Wednesday. Despite the chilly weather, the paddlers enjoyed a swim near the part of the river where Brashears Creek enters it.

  • Happy Birthday to Kentucky

    This past weekend, some friends and I took a canoe trip down the Kentucky River. It was a secluded, 18-mile stretch beginning at Camp Nelson and winding through the beautiful Kentucky River Palisades to High Bridge.

    It was also remote. From Friday morning when we left Camp Nelson, until nearly mid-day on Saturday, we never saw another soul. No sounds of cars, no other boats, simply near-wilderness on both sides of the river.

  • Shining the light on state’s open records laws

    While employed as an instructor at the University of Kentucky’s School of Journalism, former hostage Terry Anderson recounted his five-year battle with federal agencies to obtain copies of public records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) relating to the government’s efforts to secure his release from Hezbollah kidnappers during his nearly seven-year captivity.

  • Honoring Old Glory

    The Stars and Stripes have long represented the values and history of the United States, but oftentimes we do not know or fully understand how to respect “Old Glory’s” presence. On June 14, 2017, we celebrate the annual Flag Day to honor our nation’s emblem. In light of that holiday, Memorial Day, and the quickly-approaching Fourth of July, I thought it relevant to share some of the United States’ tradition, regulations, and laws pertaining to the American flag, all of which can be found in various government publications.

  • Tipton on SLC Education committee

    Rep. James Tipton, a Taylorsville Republican and member of the House Education Committee, has been appointed by Speaker Jeff Hoover to the Education Committee of the Southern Legislative Conference (SLC).

  • Cutting red tape creates jobs

    For the past eight years, the people of Kentucky endured an economy that failed to live up to its potential.  Kentuckians wanted growth, jobs, and improved wages, but the Obama Administration responded with a highly regressive regulatory rampage that hurt the economy and empowered Washington bureaucrats.

  • You’ve done the genealogy research, now what?

    You’ve gathered documents, photos, and notes about your family. So you stick it in a drawer or binder, or save it in a computer file, or even make a scrapbook and store that away. NO, NO, NO!

    That’s just the first step. Analyze what you have. Prepare a timeline for each of your ancestors. Record the year of birth, marriage, death; add in other dates you’ve found – where did they live (census, tax lists, deeds, family information). Are there large gaps in the time line, pointing to needed research?

  • What’s Happening - Week of June 14, 2017

    Knights of Columbus Chicken Dinner

  • Sarah Elizabeth Tipton graduates from Cornerstone Christian Academy


    Sarah Elizabeth Tipton recently graduated from Cornerstone Christian Academy and was valedictorian of her class. She will be attending the Mahurin Honors College at Western Kentucky University majoring in Finance with plans to go on to  Law School after WKU.  She was a 2016 Governor’s Scholar,  Class President,  Student Council President,  National Honor Society president, and member of the Beta and spirit clubs.

  • Gray retires after 29 years with Spencer Co. schools