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  • COLUMN: Numbers: Jurich extends Strong rent

    Louisville and uh, fidelity.
    What was missing from Tom Jurich’s new-contract-for-Charlie Strong announcement the other day? A brass band, cheerleaders, a Shriner mini-bike parade and a few real-world questions about the price tag on fidelity.

  • Lady Bears go on three-game winning streak

    The Spencer County Lady Bears have a three-game winning streak heading into action this week following two hard-fought victories last week over Bethlehem and Carroll County.
    Last Monday night, the Lady Bears hosted the Lady Eagles of Bethlehem and won in dramatic fashion as Delicia Brown knocked down two free throws with no time left on the clock to record a 41-39 victory.

  • Bears fall to Anderson, Collins

    The Spencer County Bears had a tough week of district play as they dropped back to back games to district rivals to fall to 10-11 on the season.

  • BACK IN TIME: 20 years ago ~ From Jan. 27, 1993
  • COLUMN: Pesky bugs and disease affecting your garden?

    In a time when we all seek advice from experts, it is not only important to know what plants you have, but also to understand the nomenclature of symptoms caused by insect and disease problems. “I’ve got this thing on my wacha-ma-call-it” won’t get you very far with a Google search or in person. We need to know how to describe the “things” that we find on our plant material so a proper diagnosis and treatment can follow.

  • Food, Conservation and Energy Act extended through 2013

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) reminds producers that the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 extended the authorization of the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (the 2008 Farm Bill) for many Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) commodity, disaster, and conservation programs through 2013. FSA administers these programs.  

  • Columnist Deanna Godman’s failed lime experiment could be your success story

    I love limes. I like lime-flavored candy and squeezing a lime wedge over Asian and Mexican food. I read Little Women when I was 8 years old, and longed to try lime pickles like Amy March, thinking that they were pickled limes and would be sweet like fruit slice candy.
    When I started reading online about marmalade recipes, it was inevitable that I would decide to try making lime marmalade myself, especially when I read about adding a spoonful of marmalade to a cup of hot water to make tea. I had never even had marmalade, but I was obsessed with the idea of making it.

  • COLUMN: Live peaceably with everyone if you can

    Well, what kind of subject is this week’s column about? Well, this is actually the essence of a teaching from the Bible found in Romans 12:18, and in its complete form is: “If it is possible, live peaceably with all men.”
    Note: the word men does not necessarily mean only males, but also includes females.

  • Retiring abroad requires homework

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    What tips and resources can you recommend to folks interested in retiring abroad? My wife and I will be retiring next year and are intrigued with the idea of living in a foreign country. What can you tell us?
    Looking Abroad

    Dear Looking,

  • COLUMN: News changes with the weather

    I recently saw a humorous cartoon on Facebook that showed four different states in our nation depicting four separate weather conditions — rain, wind, snow and sun.
    The humorous part of the cartoon was that below that separated depiction was a single sketch labeled “Kentucky Weather” which showed four separate weather conditions — rain, wind, snow and sun — all occurring at the same time.
    Thus seems to be the case in Kentucky this week.