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  • Wrapping up 2014 financially

    To get a running start on 2015, make time between holiday obligations to take care of financial and household business that needs to be wrapped up before the end of the year. Here are some possibilities:
    • Are there any credits cards you can pay off now and start the New Year with a zero balance?
    • Make donations to a charity so you get the tax deduction for 2014. Review Charity Navigator, CharityWatch and GuideStar to be sure your money is going to a worthy cause and not administration fees.

  • Roller-coasters can be scary

    When my wife and I were in our courtship years, we made several visits to a wonderful place, Crystal Beach, an amusement park in Ontario, Canada, a short drive from the area where we both lived near Buffalo, New York. My favorite ride was the Comet Coaster, which by today’s standards of roller-coasters was mild, yet a lot of fun, so I chose to ride again, but she decided to take a seat on a bench .. recovering from what she considered to be a scary ride.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Free and low-cost legal services for seniors in need

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    Where can seniors turn to for free or low-cost legal help? My husband and I need some professional legal assistance but don’t have a lot of money to pay a high priced lawyer. What can you tell us?
    Seniors in Need

  • Church happenings — Week of Dec. 3

    Little Mount Baptist to host a
    lunch with Santa
    Santa will visit Little Mount Baptist Church Dec. 6, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and will be available for photos with children age 12 and under. Lunch and photos are free and open to the community. For more information call 477-2335
    Taylorsville Community Church
    presents Christmas Concert

  • A lesson about Joseph

    By NED WAY

  • Faith and trust in Christ leads to deliverance

    The Gospel reading from Matthew 25:31 to 46 reminds us that one day there will be a judgment day, where Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats or believers from unbelievers.
    When the end of the world comes, Jesus will descend from heaven with “the shout of the archangel and with the trumpet of God.” Delight will fill the hearts of his faithful disciples. Jesus will gather all the nations, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. And he will place the sheep on his right, but the goats on the left.

  • Spencer County youth compete in North Carolina event
  • Another football season gives way to basketball

    Well this past weekend marked the end of the regular season for college football. I for one am a bit saddened that yet another college football season is behind us, but I am looking forward to getting involved in both high school and college basketball here in Kentucky.

  • Live sporting events trump dead zombies

    I read a report a couple of weeks ago regarding a survey revealing more young American males watch a television series about zombies than professional football on Sunday nights. What has happened to our nation?
    No, I don’t get the fascination with slow-walking dead people seeking out live victims. Just as I didn’t get the vampire fad American teens sank their teeth into a few years ago. I’m a traditionalist. Fads come and go like the wind, but traditions can become institutions and sports is definitively an American institution.

  • Basketball season begins this week