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  • Best sports moment in Kentucky? Here is one man's dozen

    Magazine headline: The Best Sports Moment in the History of Your State is...

    The results came from asking “... which moment each state should be most proud of.” According to ESPN, The Magazine, June 25, 105,000 responded.

    Results from Kentucky: Secretariat winning the 1973 Derby in record-setting time is our proudest moment in sports, 31.8 percent said.
    Runner-up: Muhammad Ali’s Thrilla in Manila title win over Joe Frazier in 1975, 20.8 percent.

  • Baseball champs

    Two Spencer County youth were a part of a championship team in Jeffersontown earlier his month. Hunter Greer, 11, of Taylorsville, and Anthony Lashley, 11, of Elk Creek, were members of the 12U J-town Red Sox. The team won the American League Championship and went on to win the J-town 12U Tournament in Jeffersontown on the weekend of June 18.

  • Bottoms wins second heat race of season

    Spencer Countian Derek Bottoms won his second heat race of the season at Ponderosa Speedway this weekend to start on the front row of the Sportsman feature event. Bottoms was the top qualifier with a 16.845 second lap, then won the heat. The heat race determines starting position in the feature event, so Bottoms started on the inside of the front row. Bottoms battled eventual winner Bartley Grant, and finished second in the feature event. Bottoms currently sits second in points in that series.

  • Establish small plots of clover to improve deer and turkey hunting

    By ART LANDER, Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

    Establishing small plots of clover throughout your hunting area can pay big dividends during deer and wild turkey seasons.

    Summer is a good time to start preparations for an initial planting in the fall.

  • Sticky, salty, crunchy, sweet

    I first had Tacky Toffee at a cookie exchange with my moms group in December 2009. I loved the salty/sweet/chocolate combination, and found a way to bring home extra servings. I asked for the recipe and made it several times over the next few weeks. My family does not like nuts, so I had to find people to share the toffee with me. Otherwise, the whole batch could be gone in hours. It is that good.

  • Resucitating your marriage

    Resuscitate — what in the world does that big word mean? Well, I’m sure that the Spencer County EMT personnel know that a resuscitator is an apparatus used to restore respiration to a partially asphyxiated person, even to a person who may be unable to be restored. That doesn’t mean that they give up without trying.

  • Savvy Senior: Paying for a hearing aid not always easy

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    Are there any resources or programs that help seniors with the high cost of hearing aids?
    Can’t Afford To Hear

    Dear Can’t,

  • District Court June 15, June 22, 2012

    It is the policy of The Spencer Magnet to publish public records as they are reported by various agencies. This policy has been  established to preserve the fairness and impartiality of The Spencer Magnet. Names appearing in the public records will be published without exceptions. Public records are published as a news service to our readers.
    District court records are published as defendants enter pleas (guilty or alford) or are found guilty.

  • Property Transfers published June 27, 2012

    On March 23, PBI Bank, Inc., P.O. Box 436029, Louisville, to Thomas Cosman and Becky Cosman, 346 River Park Bvld., Taylorsville, lot 19, River Heights, as described in deed book 245, page 189, $1,100.

    On March 29, PBI Bank, Inc., P.O. Box 436029, Louisville, to Gary Kehne and Yvette Jan Kehne, 163 Tsueda Drive, Taylorsville, lot 60A, River Heights, as described in deed book 245, page 191, $8,800.

  • Whitworth earns top-five finish in swimsuit competition