Today's News

  • PUBLIC RECORD: May 10 indictments

    The following indictments were handed down by a Spencer County Grand Jury on May 10, 2012:

    Counts 1-9: On or about March 6, 2012, in Spencer County, Mark A. Chesser, of the 1300 block of Cooks Lane, committed possession of a firearm by a convicted felon when he, having been convicted of a felony, possessed, manufactured or transported a firearm.

  • The Savvy Senior: Some cell phones serve senior adults better than others

    Dear Savvy Senior:
    What types of simple cellphones can you recommend to seniors that are easy to use, without all the bells and whistles? My 77-year-old mother has had a cell phone for two years but never uses it because she finds it too confusing.
    Shopping For Mom

    Dear Shopping,

  • COLUMN: What does it mean to be intimate?

    That question has had as many answers as the numbers of people who have responded. It seems that intimacy can have many, maybe too many, things attached to it.

  • Go Grizzlies!

    The Spencer County Middle School Grizzlies recently participated in their first 7-on-7 tournament at Westport Middle School.

  • UK fans forced to love NBA?

    I’ve never been one to follow the NBA. During the regular season, my remote may accidently stop on a few minutes of a game every now and then, but I doubt it adds up to a full game over the course of the year. During the playoffs, there’s a tad bit more interest, maybe. I’ll check the paper for the scores, and may even catch five or 10 minutes of a game on television. Seems the NBA was a bit more interesting back when guys like Magic Johnson, Larry Byrd and Michael Jordan were around.

  • I'll have another: Let us crank up our imaginations

    What American loveth a story-line more ardently than one in which this athlete or that one is labeled: “your chances are two ... slim and none.”
    I’ll Have Another is at Belmont Park this week and predictors and poets are holding forth with forecasts and verse calling up, for background, ghostly silhouettes of Affirmed and Citation and the Triple Crown Club.
    Does this I’ll Have Another belong? With an eye on the weather forecast, we will see.

  • Sports Briefs

    Free children’s fishing derby Saturday
    The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources will host a free fishing derby Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon at the tailwaters at Taylorsville Lake.
    The event is open to children ages 15 and under, and will feature free food and prizes.
    Around 500 trout will be released into the tailwaters for the children to catch.
    For more information, call Officer Darvin Chesser at 502-243-5597 or Sgt. Scott Herndon at 502-492-3166.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: There is financial assistance for grandparents who find themselves raising grandchildren

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    Are there any types of financial assistance programs that can help grandparents who are raising their grandkids? I have two grandchildren who are about to permanently move in with my husband and me, and we could use some help.
    Parents Again

    Dear Parents:

  • COLUMN: Are you up or down in your ride on the mood swing roller coaster?

    Roller-coasters can be scary.

  • COLUMN: Record family stories to make memories last more than a lifetime

    We lost a member of our family two weeks ago. He was not even technically related to us, but he was a big part of our lives. My daughter called him PawpPaw. His death was sudden and unexpected.
    He was a storyteller. We often heard the same stories over and over again. Within 48 hours of his death, though, we were debating the details of one of his stories. No one had ever written any of his stories down.