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  • COLUMN: Weeds are coming and you need a plan to combat them

    Controlling certain weeds takes some strategic planning and mid-March the game begins! I personally don’t care about weeds in the lawn but I do try to keep them out of the landscape beds and the vegetable garden.  I also prefer to approach the whole affair with as little chemical input as possible so I have developed a well-timed strategy of hand-weeding, mulching, using corn gluten as a preemergent and a little flame throwing, I’ll explain.

  • Local middle school student pages for Sen. Hornback

    Sen. Paul Hornback (R-Shelbyville) poses for a picture with Zoe Brook-Jeffiers. Zoe, the daughter of Mark and Paige Brooks-Jeffiers and an eighth grader at Spencer County Middle School, paged for Hornback on Feb. 24.

  • Grant money helps Taylorsville Elementary improve health, wellness of students

    Kentucky is ranked fourth in the United States for overweight/obese children, and Taylorsville Elementary School’s Healthy Lifestyle Coach Robin Mayes said Spencer County’s youth are certainly not exempt from that statistic.

  • Local youth group learns about hunger through 30-hour famine program
  • COLUMN: The hope of the Lord lies in what is to come

    “Once upon a time,” that is the way fairy tales start.  It conjures up images of a better time.  Fairy tales always start off well, then things fall apart, but all ends well and “They lived happily ever after.”
     I think a lot of people are living with “once upon a time” syndrome.  We idolize the past and forget that the good old days weren’t all that good.  We look back to some golden era in our history and want to regain its imagined glory.

  • COLUMN: Flattered, but no relation

    Monday afternoon, I walked into the open house at Seven Counties and heard what is becoming a very familiar question. Well, I sort of heard it.
    I struck up a conversation with a very nice lady, and it went a little something like this:
    “Shannon, I saw your article in last week’s paper, and your last name is Brock, so I bet you know what question I’m going to ask,” she said.
    “Yes,” I responded.
    “Well, are you?”
    “Nope, not to my knowledge.”

  • Earning a Tiger badge

    Stephen Koch, a Cub Scout with Pack 179, sits in the editor’s chair at The Spencer Magnet on Monday. By visiting the newspaper, Koch earned his Tiger badge. ‘The newspaper is more exciting than I thought it would be,’ Koch said.

  • City commission discusses changing solicitation rules

    The Taylorsville City Commission has discussed for some time concerns surrounding groups and organizations soliciting money at the city’s intersections, especially the busy Ky. 55 and 44 intersection near Spencer County High School.
    Events such as the Spencer County High School Project Graduation and the WHAS-11 Crusade for Children benefit from collecting at intersections, but some commissioners have received feedback that there are too many groups soliciting.

  • Property transfers — 3/16

    The following property transfers were recently recorded at the County Clerk’s office:

    Michael P. Inman and Nancy Ann Inman, Taylorsville, to TriStar Ventures LLC, Saint Charles, Missouri, property as described in deed book 236 page 654, $250,000.

    Virginia Cornett and Paul L. Elder, Taylorsville, to John T. Elder, Mount Washington, Tract 2 of Audubon Park, as described in deed book 236 page 697, $1.

  • Gregory to represent Spencer at seminar

    Adrian Gregory, daughter of Ronald and Amy Gregory, has been selected as the Spencer County High School Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar participant.