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  • Congressman Guthrie visits fifth graders
  • FAITH FOR TODAY: Dealing with discouragement

    Young children usually think their parents can do anything.  I guess that’s natural, but it can lead to some real disappointments.  You promise your kids a day at the park on Saturday, and you wake up to buckets of rain. So instead of a fun day at the park, you have disappointed and discouraged kids blaming you for the weather!

    As we grow up, we learn that our plans don’t always come to pass.  We learn that things don’t always go our way.  And yet we still can get just as discouraged and sulky as children on a rainy day.

  • SCHS presents 'Hey, Fella', an original musical comedy

    Spencer County High School will present the original musical comedy, “Hey, Fella” on Saturday at 7 p.m. in the school’s cafetorium.  The price of admission is $2.  The music for this Cinderella spin-off, written by 2003 SCHS graduate, Shane Fickel, has something for everyone.  Come see for yourself if Fella, with the help of Godfather and his associate Vinnie, will live happily ever after with Princess Charming or be destined to a life of servitude with Mother Stepp.

  • Options few as Nation Bros. close business

    Nation Bros., which has had the grim job of removing dead livestock from the county’s farms for 24 years, is out of business, owner Gabe Nation said.

    His family business is a casualty of an FDA regulation, set to go into effect this month, which requires the removal of brain and spinal cord tissues from cattle more than 30 months of age before they are rendered into pet or livestock feed. Nation said the rule would double his cost of doing business, and many of the 22 counties his company served could not meet the increase.

  • Pig Roast/Dancing with the Stars Spring Festival

    The Spencer County FFA Chapter and SCHS Dance Team will be holding the Pig  Roast/Dancing with the Stars Spring Festival  from 5 to 9 p.m. April 10.  There will be activities for the entire family.   The Dancing With the Stars will began at 7:00 p.m.  In addition to the pig, there also will be fish  for Lent.

  • What would we do without Easter?

    Last week had me thinking about a lot of different things: life, death, sorrow, regret and how life is so unfair. I hope you have heard the saying “bad things happen to good people” because it’s true and God knows it! Take, for instance, my friend Brooke. she was only 28 years old and she had already dealt with several life-threatening surgeries in her short life, situations no one her age should have to deal with. Yet through it all she was a phenomenal spiritual leader and a dedicated ordained minister.

  • Fair earns progressive award

    Recently member of the Spencer County Fair Board were awarded the Most Progressive Fair award for our district and our size. This is the second time we have won this award in the past several years. We won the most progressive fair for the entire state in 2006. We would like to thank the attendees of the fair events which help us to achieve this lofty prize.

  • April: Donate life month

    April has again been recognized as Donate Life Month nationally and here in Kentucky.  I feel that this is a good time to thank the many Spencer Countians who have supported organ and tissue donation at our drivers license counter by donating $1.00 in support of our Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks Trust For Life and by placing their name on the new Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.

  • Saving homes through foreclosure intervention

    Intervention is urgent to prevent more foreclosures here, according to a coalition of community partners forged to help those most at-risk of losing their homes. The group plans to provide financial counseling, legal aid, education  ––  and even money –– to keep families in their homes.

    Home foreclosures have already hit epidemic levels here ––  rates have nearly doubled since 2006, and last year more than 78 homes were foreclosed in the county.

  • School happenings

    Nominations for SCMS SBDM