Today's News

  • Celebrating American’s Independence on July 4th

    This July 4th we will celebrate the 239th birthday of our great nation, when our forefathers unveiled the document that would help form the foundation of our United States, the Declaration of Independence.

  • From our readers: Southern culture is honorable
  • Ruling settles little

    More than four decades ago, seven justices of the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that abortion was the law of the land. Two dissented. The battle is not over.

  • Will flag flap mute Rebel yell for high schools?

    A pick-up truck swung smartly across two lanes into a service station in Hardin County. Planted firmly in its bed, a huge flag, star-and-bars.

    All the way to Kentucky, tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina, touches our lives one way or another. That state’s governor Nikki Haley’s idea to move the rebel flag from capitol grounds in Columbia into a museum is reasonable and serves to elevate discussion of racial strife that continues to bedevil Americans.

  • Baseball Bash 2015...


    The youth baseball season ended Saturday much as it began, with volunteers working feverishly to prepare the fields for the annual Baseball Bash following heavy rains Friday night. Their work paid off and youth baseball teams enjoyed a full day of activities at Ray Jewell Memorial Park.

  • Faith of our Fathers

    With Independence Day right upon us, I’d like to share quotes from some of the founding fathers. People who had a vision for this country. Great men of faith, who weren’t afraid to express their belief in Jesus Christ.

  • Freedom involves boundaries

    A few years back I was driving down a windy, two lane road with only a double yellow line separating the opposing lines of traffic. I don’t usually dawdle as I drive so I was surprised when this car flew past me like I was standing still. I remember saying to my daughter, “She’d had better be careful, this is a dangerous road.”

  • VBS Schedule

    New Hope Tabernacle

    Pastor Joe Vieres and the congregation at New Hope Tabernacle invites children to its Vacation Bible School which will begin on July 6 and run through July 9 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. A commencement ceremony will be held on Friday, July 10th at 7 p.m. The VBS is open to children ages 4-14 and the theme this year is “Puzzle of Life.” New Hope Tabernacle is located at 722 Townhill Road in Taylorsville.

    Bethesda Church of God

  • Church Happenings - Week of July 1

    Revival at Briar Ridge Christian

    Briar Ridge Christian Church will be holding a revival meeting from July 5 through July 8. The meeting will begin at the 11 a.m. service on July 5 at 6 p.m. on Sunday night, and 7 p.m. during the week.

    The theme of the meeting will be “Christians: The Lord’s Fishers and Hunters” and the speaker will be Ronnie McKinney. There will be special music each service. The church is located at 3951 Briar Ridge Road in Mt. Eden.

    Gospel Sing at Old Gospel Barn

  • Public Record - Week of June 24

    Judge J. R. Roberts heard the following cases on May 1, 2015 in Spencer District Court:

    Shannon L. Haysley, (1970), resident fishing without license or permit, guilty, $203 court costs and fines.

    Carey A. Shouse, (1964), selling alcoholic beverages to minors, first offense, guilty, $403 court costs and fines.

    Emily Ann Story, (1994), selling alcoholic beverages to minors, first offense, guilty, $403 court costs and fines.

    Russell H. Davis, (1996), failure to wear seat belts, guilty, $25 fine.