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  • Agriculture - Schubert elected delegate to angus convention

    Anne Patton Schubert, Taylorsville, Kentucky, has been elected as a delegate to the 132nd Annual American Angus Association Convention of Delegates, Nov. 5 at the Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, Kansas, reports Richard Wilson, Interim CEO of the American Angus Association.

  • Agriculture - Late summer tips to brighten flower gardens

    Summer’s heat and dry weather can take a toll on your flower garden, but with a little extra care, it is possible to bring it back to life for a few more weeks of vibrant color and texture.

    With both annuals and perennials, making sure they get plenty of water is always important, but even more so in late summer. Annuals, in particular, will start to decline without an adequate supply of water to keep the ground moist.

  • Spencer Co. Fair exhibit winners


    Milk Glass Cake Stand
    Nancy Ann Inman Blue 1st
    Paula Zolty Red 2nd

    Dresser Jar
    Nancy Ann Inman Blue 1st & Best of Show
    Paula Zolty Red 2nd
    John Zolty White 3rd

    Split Hickory or Ash Basket
    Nancy Ann Inman Blue 1st

    Tin Egg Poacher
    Minnie Naïve Blue 1st

    Fixed Blade and Sheath
    John Zolty Blue 1st

    Ornate Candy Dish with Handle
    Luke Brewer Blue 1st
    Paula Zolty Red 2nd
    John Zolty White 3rd

  • Montell bill would keep funds for pension plan
  • Stumbo proposes new casino amendment

    With Kentucky’s instant-racing machines crossing the billion-dollar threshold earlier this spring, and as Kentuckians spend billions of dollars more each year at casinos along the Ohio River, House Speaker Greg Stumbo said “that the time has come for voters to decide the expanded-gaming issue once and for all.”

  • Iran nuclear deal is bad for U.S.

    Earlier this summer, President Obama announced a deal had been struck between Iran and the United States and other countries that purports to curtail, but not end Iran’s nuclear program. Kentuckians have the right to know whether this deal will actually make America and her allies safer. I want to assure those in the Commonwealth that America’s safety will be my foremost concern when the U.S. Senate takes up this issue and gives the proposed deal a thorough and fair review in the coming weeks.

  • Pension woes still a priority for lawmakers

    One of this interim period’s hot button issues is finding a way to stabilize the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System (KTRS) and the Kentucky Employee Retirement System (KRS). KTRS was debated in the waning days of the last General Assembly, and the momentum continues. As a member of the Public Pension Oversight Board, I have had a seat at the table on these issues, continuing to deliberate with the various stakeholders and legislators who want to find a solution.

  • Bears ground Cardinals 55-26


    The Spencer County Bears scored 35 unanswered points in the second half as they trounced Nelson County 55-26 Friday night to open the season at 2-0.

    Tied at 20-20 at the half, the Bears made some defensive adjustments at halftime that put the clamps on the Cardinals, while on offense, the Bears’ three back rushing attack ate up yards and lit up the scoreboard in the second half.

  • Boys’ cross country team ranked 10th


    For the first time in school history, the boys cross country team is ranked in the top ten across the state. According to a preseason poll released recently, Spencer County is ranked 10th in the Class AA. The rankings are as follows:

    1. Highlands
    2. North Oldham
    3. Webster County
    4. Wayne County
    5. Shelby County
    6. Russell
    7. Warren East
    8. Lexington Catholic
    9. Boyle County
    10. Spencer County.

    The team is coached by Billy Talley, as is the girls’ cross country team.

  • Losing the personal touch in a modern world

    I carry a cellphone with me, most people do these days. In fact many of us carry smart phones. I think mine is probably smarter than I am.

    I’m not really sure why we even call them phones anymore. One recent survey listed making phone calls as the fifth most popular use, behind texting and surfing the internet and a few other things. A recent smartphone was unveiled with all its bells and whistles, but nobody even mentioned whether it was a good phone or not.