Today's News

  • City may apply for Preserve America

    The Taylorsville City Commission last week approved a resolution that could help groups find funding for efforts to preserve historical sites in the city and pay for improvements.

    Elizabeth Hardin presented the resolution which would allow the city to apply for recognition as a Preserve America community, which was ultimately approved by a 4-0 vote. Mayor Don Pay was not present at the meeting.

  • From our readers - Reader thanks good samaritans

    I want to thank several people (whose names I do not remember) for recently coming to my aide.

    On Saturday, July 16, I was on my motorcycle riding east on Hwy 1169 from Normandy towards Rivals. A deer jumped into my path, and after striking it, the motorcycle and I ended up in a ditch on the right side of the roadway. The motorcycle was upside down and I had a broken arm as well as other serious injuries.

  • From our readers - Protecting our planet

    We are now in the middle of one of the hottest string of high temperatures for our section of the country.

    For that reason, we are going to have our non-profit groups sign up for the Roadside Litter Abatement Summer Program the last three days of August and the first two days of September.  Also, the groups will have all of September to clean the roads they draw, in case we also have a September heatwave.    

  • Culture wars are far from over

    An oft-used tactic to demoralize an opponent  is to act like the contest is over and that their side has lost.

    We see it in sports occasionally when one side is up on the scoreboard and begins to taunt or mock the losing team, only to be humiliated when the underdogs rally to set up a fantastic finish.

    In the culture wars, this past week has very much been a rallying point for those who tout more traditional, conservative viewpoints.

  • Little-used law can save lives of addicts

    Lindsey Collinsworth, a Catholic high school graduate eyeing a career in law enforcement, barely knew the man who dragged her limp body outside her apart­ment, leaving her in a stairwell near death.

    He had brought her the murder weap­on — a dose of heroin. She told him to pull the trigger, injecting the poison into her arm even though she had already ingest­ed Valium and knew the two don’t mix.

  • What’s happening - Week of August 24, 2016

    Army Corps invites community to pollinator event

    Taylorsville Lake Army Corps of Engineers will be hosting a county pollinator event on Saturday, August 27 from 9 a.m. until 12 noon at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Visitor Center at Taylorsville Lake (2825 Overlook Road).

  • Agriculture - Spencer Co. Fair Food results


  • Agriculture - Sawflies can strip foilage from dogwood trees
  • Tigers outclaw Bears, 29-13


    Talk about a rough start. On the first play from scrimmage in the opening game for the Spencer County Bears’ 2016 football season, Bardstown’s quarterback dropped back and lofted a pass that went for a 67-yard touchdown. It was a play that put the Bears behind, where they stayed all night on their way to a disappointing 29-13 loss Saturday night at Nelson County High School.

  • Church Happenings - Week of August 17, 2016

    Rehearsals to begin for annual Community Tree of Life

    It’s time to start working on the 2016 Christmas Musical production presented by the Community Tree of Life under the direction of Joy Thompson. The first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 30 at 6:30 p.m. in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church in Taylorsville.

    Everyone is invited to come and participate in this event. For more details, call Janet Barnett at 502-299-8543 or Sarah Hickman at 502-249-6425.