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  • Massie touts four successes

    Washington, DC has the bad news blues. Whether it’s Congress passing bills that spend billions of dollars we don’t have, rogue Supreme Court justices ignoring the clear text of the Constitution, or yet another unelected executive branch agency bureaucrat issuing a “regulation” that punishes free enterprise, it often seems that victories for freedom and liberty are rare.

  • Fair fun - Hog show results


    The Spencer County Fair 4-H and FFA Hog Show was held on Saturday, July18. Warren Beeler served as the judge for this show. It is an honor for Mr. Beeler to judge our county fair show because he is a world renowned judge.
    Novice Showmanship:
    Noah Frank placed 1st
    Also participating:
    Jillian Dunning and Taylor Goodlett

    In Jr 4-H showmanship:
    Casey Montgomery placed 1st

    Also participating
    Ethan Thompson and Emily Truax

    Intermediate 4-H showmanship:
    Dillon Stallings placed 1st

  • Fair fun - Dairy Goat show results


  • Fair fun - Market lamb show results


    The Spencer County Fair Market Lamb Show was held on Friday, July 17 at the Spencer County Fairgrounds. Kyle Wood of Claypool, Indiana served as the judge for the show.

    In the Sr. FFA Showmanship Class Darilyn Browning won 1st, Darilyn was also our Champion FFA Showman. In Jr. FFA Showmanship Briar Honeycutt Placed 1St and Connor Foster also participated in the class. In Jr. 4h Showmanship Sydney Warren Placed 1st. Madison Warren was our Champion Novice Showman.

  • Fair fun - Poultry show results


  • Fair fun - Rabbit show results


  • Fair fun - 4-H exhibit results

    4-H Arts and Crafts

    JR Folk Art-
    Joshua Sims Blue & 1st
    Michelle Thomas Blue & 2nd
    Sara Curran Blue
    Kennedy Catlett Blue
    Ethan Crider Blue
    Chloe Sims Blue
    Brynn Cooper Blue
    Conner Strothman Blue
    Brynnen Martin Blue

    SR Folk Art-
    Liz Walker Blue & 1st
    Max Dippel Blue & 2nd
    Rebecca Panepinto Blue
    Becca Walker Blue

    JR Weaving-
    Kennedy Catlett Blue & 1st

    SR Weaving-
    Liz Walker Blue & 1st

  • Fair fun - Dairy Show Results


    Intermediate 4H Showmanship:
    Kelly Baird -1st

    Junior 4-H Showmanship:
    Jackson Baird - 1st
    Haley Butler - 2nd

    Novice Showmanship:
    Shelby Butler
    Evan Butler

    Division: Jersey

    Heifer Classes:
    Junior Calf 1. Haley Butler
    2. Shelby Butler
    3. Evan Butler
    Intermediate Calf 1. Kelly Baird
    2. Jack Baird
    3. Shelby Butler
    Senior Calf 1. Kelly Baird
    2. Evan Butler
    3. Haley Butler
    4. Shelby Butler

  • Agriculture - What’s all the noise about?


    If you’ve been outside over the past few weeks, you’ve no doubt heard the “sweet” sounds of cicadas. Although this is not a year for periodical cicadas (they come out every 13 or 17 years), what you’re hearing are the annual or “dog day” cicadas.

  • Agriculture - Additional Kentucky acreage eligible for wildlife habitat restoration funding

    U.S. Department of Agriculture Kentucky Farm Service Agency Executive Director John W. McCauley  today announced that an additional 1,100 acres of agricultural land in Kentucky is eligible for funding for wildlife habitat restoration.