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  • Hometown Extension Office Intern


  • FROM OUR READERS - Celebrate Community Action Month

    The month of May has been declared National Community Action Month by Governor Bevin.   Community Action has a history that dates back to the Johnson presidency. A significant amount of services are provided by Community Action in Spencer County.   Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency has been serving low income families and senior citizens in Spencer County since the 1970s and in the early 80s evolved into a Community Action Agency.   

  • FROM OUR READERS - Common decency starts at the top

    I have a solution for the issue between the Sheriff and Fiscal Court.  For anyone interested, they can read KRS - Title IX - Chapter 70 - 150 about one of a Sheriff’s duties. In KRS - Title IX - Chapter 70 - 540, they can read about the County Judge’s power to establish a County Police Force. In fact, read the entire KRS - Title IX - 70 to enlighten yourself.

  • FROM OUR READERS - Common decency starts at the top

    I’d like to say that I agree with the observations of John Shindlebower in his article, “We’ve destroyed innocence.” This is unusual for me because ideologically, we are at opposite ends of the political spectrum but it is also unusual that the column doesn’t appear to contain any political content. So I wish to give Mr. Shindlebower kudos for his well-crafted and thoughtful piece and offer something of my own.

  • Cheeks are master conservationists


  • Bear sighting in Spencer no cause for alarm

    “It was an actual, factual bear.”

    Scott Herndon with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife confirmed that a bear seen in the Ashes Creek Road area of Spencer County was, in fact, a genuine sighting.

    The bear, caught on video shared with WHAS-11 news in Louisville, was rifling through garbage, looking for a free meal.

    Very likely, Herndon said, the bear was just passing through.

  • City to include cost of living raise in budget

    After a series of motions, the Taylorsville City Budget will be amended to reflect a 2.1 percent cost of living adjustment across the board: for employees, commissioners and the mayor.

    During a budget workshop last week, the Taylorsville City Council voted on a variety of motions, including whether or not to include the cost living adjustment for just employees or if the city’s commissioners would be included.

  • FC approves 1st reading of budget

    After some across-the-table compromises, the Spencer County Fiscal Court unanimously approved the first reading of the 2017-18 budget on Wednesday.

    Final approval came after a long discussion related to a few key areas the magistrates wanted to see changed within the initial budget presented by Judge-Executive John Riley earlier in the week.

    “I have a different budget proposed here that I’ll be happy to pass out to everybody,” Riley said. “It’s a revised budget based upon what was discussed on Monday.”

  • It is your time to fly


    In a small but powerful ceremony, nine Hillview Academy students graduated, completing journeys that, in some cases, were heart-wrenching.

    For David Wyatt, graduating was a step toward finishing something he knew his parents would have wanted him to do.

    “A year ago I lost my best friend,” he said. “My dad died. Last year, my mother lost her battle with cancer.”
    Fighting back tears, Wyatt talked about the sadness and loneliness he felt following the deaths of his parents.

  • Man charged in double murder attempt


    A Spencer County man has been charged with the attempted murder of two Spencer County Sheriff’s deputies after an incident last week on Briar Ridge Road.

    David Blake, 54, was arrested Saturday after being released from University Hospital in Louisville, where he received treatment for his hands, which were believed to have been seriously damaged during an explosion.