Today's News

  • Spiders keep post office closed

    Officials are still trying to stamp out the spider problem at Fisherville Post Office, which closed last month when it was discovered that brown recluse spiders had taken up residency in the building.

    David Walton, of Corporate Communications for the United States Postal Service, said Tuesday it will likely be another month before the post office can resume business as usual.

    “They have been treating that building, but at last check, the spiders are still in there,” he said. “We’re looking at least another 30 days.”

  • Korean vet earns HS diploma


    At 85 years old, Spencer County native and Korean War Veteran Paul Williams can say he has been a loyal husband, father, grandfather, dedicated employee and recipient of the Korean combat medal, Japan occupational ribbon, good conduct ribbon, United Nations ribbon and the combat infantry badge. But a high school diploma was one thing he lacked until last Monday.

  • Attorney fined for vote fraud

    A local attorney accused of vote fraud had his charges amended down to a misdemeanor and walked out of court after paying a $500 fine and court costs and retaining his voting rights. The lesser charge angered Spencer County Clerk Lynn Hesselbrock.

    “I was very disappointed,” said Hesselbrock, who said that as clerk, she is the chair of the county board of elections and “it is my duty to ensure fair elections.”

  • Choose wisely when kayak fishing

    The first time I fished a stream out of a kayak, you may have heard the oaths I swore in Tennessee. It was a short, cockpit or sit-in style kayak. I had a hard time controlling its tippy tendencies.

    After an hour or so, my back began to hurt trying to keep the boat in position to properly fish. I had little room to stow my rod and tackle. I eventually bought a personal pontoon boat for my stream fishing, forsaking a kayak because of this bad experience.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: How to recognize stroke symptoms

    Dear Savvy Senior,

    What are the symptoms of a stroke? My 66-year-old aunt had a stroke a few months ago and neither she nor my uncle had a clue it was happening.

    Concerned Relative

    Dear Concerned,

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Home improvement assistance programs for seniors

    Dear Savvy Senior,

    Do you know of any financial assistance programs or other resources that can help seniors with home improvement projects? I would like to help my 86-year-old father make a few modifications to his house so he can live there as long as possible, but money is very tight.

    Inquiring Daughter

  • Church Happenings - Week of May 20

    Infants and Children’s Yard Sale

    Little Mount Baptist Church will be having an infants and children’s only yard sale indoors May 21-23 from 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.. All items new or gently used. All proceeds to benefit non-profit organizations.

    Gospel Sing at Old Gospel Barn

  • VBS Schedule


    Second Baptist Church

    Are you ready? Get ready to come and play during Mega Sports Camp Vacation Bible School at Second Baptist Church at 401 Jefferson St. in Taylorsville. The one day camp will be on Saturday, June 13, from 9:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. You can register on May 23 or June 6 from 10 a.m. until 12 noon at the church.

    Elk Creek Baptist Church

  • The trails we are leaving behind

    Today as I was walking the dog, I noticed these tiny, glittering tracks on the sidewalk. I guess the rain last night coaxed the worms out to cross the sidewalks and they left these glistening trails. Who would have thought that worms would leave such beautiful signs?

  • Rendering unto God

    In Mark chapter 12, starting in verse 13, we read how once again the Pharisees and others are trying to trap Jesus with words. You think they would’ve learned by now. But they asked Jesus a very hot political question of the time. “Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar?” The reason for this question is simple. The Jewish people hated this tax. It symbolized everything Rome stood for. In essence, they were paying taxes on a land God had given to them for free. On the other hand, since it was occupied by Rome, they had to pay taxes.