Today's News

  • County sets tax rates

    The Spencer County Fiscal Court set the 2016-17 property tax rates Monday night, opting for a slightly lower rate of 8.7 cents per $100 of assessed value on real estate and 8.7 cents per $100 of value on personal property. The rate for the current year is 8.8 percent. The court passed a resolution approving the rate unanimously.

  • Mold forces sheriff to vacate part of office


    Mold in the Sheriff’s office was confirmed through an inspection by an industrial hygiene service last month, prompting county officials to begin discussing short-term and long-term solutions.

    Sheriff Buddy Stump said Monday that the mobile command center has again been set up next to the sheriff’s office, and will be used for office space for some of his staff since the second floor of the office building they are in has been deemed unfit because of the mold.

  • Local police join effort to thwart drunk driving

    This Labor Day weekend, families and friends will be celebrating the end of the summer. Sadly, this festive time has also become a dangerous time for America’s roads, as many drunk drivers get behind the wheel after celebrating. For this reason, Taylorsville City Police are partnering with the national Highway Traffic Safety Administration to stop drunk drivers and help save lives.

  • Zika risk low in state

    The risk of the Zika virus causing a mosquito-borne outbreak in Kentucky this year is low, say state public health officials.

  • Candidates file for commission, school board

    Tuesday, August 9, was the deadline to file for several non-partisan positions, including Taylorsville City Commission and two school board seats.

    Six individuals had filed for City Commission, including all four incumbents – Ellen Redmon, Kathy Spears, Beverly Ingram and Jack Proctor. Also filing as candidates for city commission were Matt Douglas and Abigail Nation. The four candidates receiving the most votes will serve.

  • School year off to smooth start


  • From our readers - Levee Trail Committee working with others for common goal

    As the chair of the Taylorsville Levee Trail Committee, I was pleased to see both the article and editorial by Mr. Shindlebower in the August 10, 2016 Spencer Magnet.

    As a clarification, our committee is 100 percent committed to complying with the Spencer County Levee, Flood Control and Drainage District No. 1 (Levee Commission) to ensuring that none of our activities create any adverse impacts to the ongoing recertification process. Having said that, we do not see that working with the Levee Commission toward this common goal will delay the levee trail process.

  • Better safe than sorry

    It would have been easy to quickly dismiss Friday’s phoned-in threat to Taylorsville Elementary School as simply a hoax and resume normal operations. However, school officials and local police are to be commended for taking the threat seriously and going the extra mile to ensure the safety of students throughout the day.

  • DEA blows up pot propaganda

    The high hopes of marijuana advocates went up in smoke last week when the Drug Enforcement Administration refused to remove the drug from their list of Schedule 1 controlled substances.

    In making the announcement, the DEA said their decision was “tethered to science,” noting that there is no known medical benefit, but a high risk of abuse.

    The decision clouds the law, especially in a number of states where recreational marijuana has been legalized, and in even more states where medical use of marijuana is legal.

  • Public awareness key to national security

    Too often we hear of terrorist attacks and deadly incidents that in many cases could have been prevented or somehow lessened. Strange and erratic behavior is sometimes the first clue to a potential danger posed to our community. That is why the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security developed the “Eye on Kentucky” program.