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  • Baseball team wins another tournament
  • Undue attention being paid to young star

    Mo’ne Davis throws like a girl. She should, she is a 13-year-old girl who is the 18th female to participate in the Little League World Series. This girl’s throws are good enough to fool most of the boy batters, and she was able to complete a six-inning shutout in her Philadelphia team’s win over a Tennessee squad last week.

  • Lady Grizzlies get 2 big wins

    Spencer County Middle School Lady Grizzlies girls basketball team had a winning start to the year beating St. Catherine Middle School 42-28 at home last Thursday night for their first game of the season. “Last year we had only beaten this team by 1 point,” Coach John Howie said.
    “We got out to an early lead 14-6 and then had a halftime lead of 27-12,” he said.

  • Bears perform well in scrimmage

    The least important part of a scrimmage is the scoreboard, so despite the 21-0 win over Washington County, Spencer County Head Football Coach Mike Marksbury was more interested in what happened between the lines.
    “We accomplished what we had hoped in the scrimmage,” he said. “We didn’t spend any time preparing for Washington County, we just wanted to focus on ourselves and really focus on giving great effort. We did that for the most part.”

  • Kentucky Proud offers local foods at state fair

    Agriculture Commissioner James Comer encourages Kentucky State Fair visitors to drop by the Kentucky Proud Experience tent to enjoy and purchase fresh local foods and beverages. The tent is located on the West Lawn at the Kentucky Exposition Center.
    “People today want to know their farmer, where their food comes from, and to buy and drink locally,” Commissioner Comer said. “What better place to showcase the best our state has to offer than at the Kentucky State Fair?”

  • Purslane turns out to be a tasty weed

    I have long understood that purslane could be used in salads or soups but never made much of an effort to harvest it until a few years ago. So, when high summer approaches I am now on the hunt for purslane, considered a noxious weed by most! I am not the only one who regards purslane with some culinary virtue. A fellow Farm Market farmer at the Belknap Farmers Market gave me a taste of his homemade salsa he was snaking on last week, commenting, is the best way to use purslane‚ and I was so excited to hear someone else get excited about this so-called weed.

  • Students take home titles at state fair
  • Spencer County high school students college/career ready
  • Extortion sentencing postponed when prosecutor doesn’t show

    Joshua T. Phillips and Dee Ann Bowman-Phillips of Shelbyville, a husband and wife charged with extortion of a Taylorsville Police officer were to have been sentenced on Monday in Shelby Circuit Court, but that event was postponed due to the absence of the special prosecutor that had been assigned to the case. A new date has been set for Sept. 5.
    Emily R. Wilkey, assistant commonwealth attorney in Franklin County, said she had forgotten about the sentencing hearing.

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