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  • Crews rush to stop sewage leak into lake


    County responders and volunteers rushed to contain a sewage leak into Taylorsville Lake Saturday, an event that emphasizes the importance of a quick resolution to the ownership issue at Edgewater Resorts.

    A sewage treatment pump located near the resort, that also serves the Taylorsville Lake State Park Campground, as well as the resort and marina, failed, creating an overflow that began leaking into the lake at the foot of a hill below Edgewater.

  • Motorcyce Accident


  • City to reveal strategic plan

    Citizens have weighed in, ideas have been tossed around, and now the community awaits the final plan that will be presented by consultants with the Kentucky League of Cities as part of the City of Taylorsville’s Strategic Planning iniative.

  • From our readers - Origins of county budget issues
  • Court must put the county first

    Gridlock is not always a bad thing. In Washington, D.C., gridlock means the wheels of government turn slowly, and in an age when big government regulation often means more restrictions on Americans, the less accomplished, the better.

    But gridlock on the local level is almost never a good thing, and for that reason, we implore the members of the Spencer County Fiscal Court to look for ways to work together.

  • Ark may challenge your beliefs

    On Thursday of this week, a ship will be launched on dry land that will transport travelers not to a distant shore, but to a distant time some 4,000 years ago.

    Answers in Genesis, the ministry behind the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY, outside of Cincinnati, will be christening their latest effort, the Ark Encounter, which includes a life-size replica of Noah’s ark, some seven stories high, over 500 feet long and being touted as the largest timber-framed structure in the world.

  • CPR will be required course in KY high schools

    If you go into cardiac arrest, the person who saves you just might be a Kentucky high school student.

    The Kentucky General Assembly passed a bill earlier this year to require all public high school students to receive basic CPR training.

    The American Heart Association pushed for the legislation as a way to create generations of potential lifesavers in commu­nities across the state, said Tonya Chang, the association’s senior director of government relations in Kentucky and West Virginia.

  • Kentucky’s water producers get excellent quality ratings

    Data from Kentucky’s 441 public water systems shows they consistently produce excellent quality water in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water requirements, according to the Kentucky annual Drinking Water Report. The report summarizes the compliance data and status of public water system compliance monitoring results.

  • Agriculture - Mildew common in summer

    Powdery mildew is probably the most common garden fungus around.  It is not too terribly picky about where it spreads, it likes humid and dry weather, thrives in the heat of the summer and is hard to control once it has started.  The trick here is to prevent it from happening by proper plant selection, spacing and treatment before it takes hold.

  • Cycling event draws hundreds


    Hundreds of young cyclists pedaled June 30 down Highway 44, covering as fast as they could the distance from the high school east to a turnaround point and back.

    With time trials starting at 8 a.m. and running until mid-afternoon, it was the first day of a four-day event that brought about 850 riders to Taylorsville and Louisville.