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  • California bullying tactics

    The State of California recently announced that it is banning any state-funded travel to Kentucky. That means state employees, athletic teams of state universities and anyone traveling on the taxpayer dime from California will be banned from our wonderful Commonwealth.


    Simply because Kentucky values freedom and the liberties that our Founding Fathers tried to secure and preserve for us over 240 years ago.

  • Unite this 4th of July

    Over two hundred years ago, our Founding Fathers put their lives on the line to create a new country in which freedom reigned. These men had a vision of a nation unafraid to face its enemies and win. We, the people of the United States, have faced insurmountable odds since our young country’s conception but continue to fight for our God-given rights unique to the United States of America.

  • Presumed guilty?

    In 2015, the majority of Kentuckians in 106 counties voted for a governor they believed would change the trajectory of the state for the better: Matt Bevin. Voters were tired of the political status quo—unfunded pensions, deep-seated political corruption, false promises, and thousands of jobs lost to neighboring states.  

  • Public record - Week of June 28, 2017

    It is the policy of The Spencer Magnet to publish public records as they are reported by various agencies. This policy has been established to preserve the fairness and impartiality of The Spencer Magnet. Names appearing in the public records will be published without exceptions. Public records are published as a news service to our readers. District court records are published as defendants enter pleas (guilty or Alford) or are found guilty.

  • Agriculture - Travis attends KFB’s future leaders institute


  • Shade options for your vegetable garden

    It’s been hot and humid the last few weeks!  I was hopeful that this summer was going to be idyllic…at least we got pop up rain storms to keep things hydrated. These ninety-degree days, however, are putting us on track for some serious heat and some of our vegetables will love it and some will not.  I know we can’t change the ambient air temperature on a ninety-degree day, but we can provide some shade for our plants on the hottest days of the summer with reasonable results.

  • Agriculture - Taking control of the weeds in the garden

    Home gardeners look forward to that first ripe tomato or ear of corn they pick from their carefully tended gardens.  But after some vigorous gardening on a hot, humid day, you may wonder if it is all worth it.  

    Weeds compete with crops for water, nutrients and sunlight.  Some weeds, like quackgrass, can chemically inhibit vegetable plant growth. Others host insect pests and disease pathogens.  All of these result in fewer fresh vegetables for your table.  

  • Agriculture - Lilly Hanik wins 4-H Emerald Award


    The competitive 4-H Achievement Program allows youth to receive recognition and prizes for their accomplishments. Those who are in 10th grade or higher, and who have reached Level 5, can apply for the gold award of which only 30 are chosen statewide, and from among those 30, four outstanding 4-Hers are judged and awarded the Emerald Award.

  • Agriculture - 4-H Tractor driving contest winners named


  • Local woman charged with meth possession


    A Taylorsville woman was arraigned last week in Spencer County District Court following her arrest earlier this month after officers allegedly found her to be in possession of methamphetamine.