Today's News

  • School district ranked distinguished

    “We are very pleased,” said Spencer County Superintendent Chuck Adams, on assessment scores released last week that show three of Spencer County’s four schools earning distinguished classification.

    “The district is distinguished,” said Adams, noting that forthcoming analysis of the numbers could show the district showed enough growth in growth and gap areas, to be labeled a District of Distinction.

  • Zoning change for Dollar General moves forward

    Over the wishes of several local residents who have spoken out over the course of two public meetings, the Planning and Zoning Commission has recommended a zoning change that will pave the way for a new Dollar General Store on Miller Road near the Little Mount Community.

    The commission had two hearings on the matter, one in August, and one last month, in which representatives of the company spoke about their proposed new building, and also included a number of residents in the area voicing their opposition to the store.

  • Decker hired as new police chief

    Taylorsville City Police Major David Decker was hired as the new chief of police last Thursday during a special meeting of the Taylorsville City Commission. The move comes one week after he was previously offered the position before the Commission backed off to discuss expanding the search.

    Decker, who came to the department as a major less than a year ago, officially assumed the role as chief following Thursday’s vote and agreed to the full-time position at a rate of $32.40 per hour.

  • County eyes options at Animal Shelter

    A case of ringworm that has shut down the Spencer County Animal Shelter prompted discussion of possible solutions during Monday’s meeting of the fiscal court, with one option to purchase an $8,000 trailer that could be used as a quarantine holding site for animals with contagious infections.

  • Octoberfest brings music and fun


    Spencer County Octoberfest will be held this week with pageants slated for last night and Thursday, a 5K run on Wednesday, a talent show and concert on Friday, and a full day of activities and parade on Saturday.

    The 5K run will benefit Addie Sheilds and will bring awareness to childhood cancer. The run will begin at 6:30 at the high school. On Thursday, pageants for babies and children will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Chamber building.

  • What’s Happening - Week of October 4, 2017

    Habitat for Humanity Yard Sale

    Habitat for Humanity will hold a yard sale on Saturday, October 7th on Main Street from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. - across from Taylorsville Hardware.  

    If you have items to donate call 502-773-5585 or e-mail president@spencercountyhfh.com for drop off or pick up instructions (no shoes or clothing please).  Otherwise come on out on October 7th and support your local Habitat affiliate.  All proceeds go toward building or renovating homes in Spencer Co.

  • FROM OUR READERS - Push to allow open primaries

    Are you an Independent voter?

    Are you tired of being refused the opportunity to vote in Kentucky primary elections?

    Openprimaries.org is a national organization working to make open primaries available in all fifty states and you should take up the challenge to make them a reality here.

    Kentucky is one of only seventeen states which does not permit open primaries and recent national polls have found that as much as 43% of the electorate considers itself as Independent.  More and more young voters are listing themselves as Independent.

  • There’s no guarantee of safety

    “Be careful.”

    How many times did our mothers utter those two words as we walked out of the door growing up. Regardless of whether we were headed off to school, over to a friend’s house, or just stepping out to the backyard to play, those words were often the last thing we heard before the slamming of the screen door behind us.

  • ‘Medicare for all’ is good for none

    Recently, Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled a single-payer healthcare plan called “Medicare for All.” Sanders titled his approach for nationalizing one-sixth of the American economy as “Medicare for All” in order to offer a template for his vision of the U.S. healthcare system. Unfortunately, using Medicare as the template for the nation’s healthcare system is a little like using the production model for the Lada, the “people’s car” of the former Soviet Union, as the blue-print for the U.S. auto industry.

  • Know the mechanisms of domestic abuse

    When Ellen heard her husband come through the door, she knew this would be a bad night. Quickly sending her kids to their room, she turned the music up so they wouldn’t hear what was coming. After last night’s beating, Ellen had made sure to do all he’d asked of her today: cooked his food, cleaned the house, washed and folded his clothes, and dressed exactly the way he wanted. Still, it was never enough. As he walked toward her, Ellen wondered just what she’d done wrong this time.