Today's News

  • Skunks are now on the move

    It is that time of year again, and I am reminded because of the smell and road kill left behind. Plus, a strong scent of skunk has been lingering in the pasture this past week. And, I got an Instagram video from my niece as she was clearly backing away from a lumbering black and white rodent down by the river!  
    We used to get them circling the house on winter evenings, but our livestock guardian dogs’ presence has kept them at bay the last few years.  Their presence is not surprising, however, because it is mating season for skunks and they are on the move.

  • Smith signs with Purdue


  • SCHS Wrestling


  • Girls struggle down the stretch as postseason nears


  • Bears’ winning streak at 9


  • Church Happenings

    Victory Road to perform at
    Elk Creek Baptist

    Elk Creek Baptist Church is excited to welcome Victory Road, a great local southern gospel group to the church at 5734 Elk Creek Rd. on February 24 at 7 p.m. for an evening of worship. A love offering will be received to help support the ministry of these men and their families. All are welcome to come, relax, and feel the Spirit.

    Lenten Fish Dinner Feb. 16

  • Lewis now senior pastor at Second Baptist


  • Best kind of love

    So today is one of those days that some of us love and some of us dread.  Those who love it look forward to flowers and evenings out and maybe a box of chocolates or something.  Then those of us who dread Valentine’s Day may be wondering how it slipped up on them, how they are going to pay for that nice dinner out, or they may be found wandering down the card aisle at the local big box store wondering why the Easter cards are out already!

  • Cold season weeds are waiting in the wings

    I was just thinking about spring,  but then I realized I should just live in the moment and be thankful that I do not have to battle weeds this time of the year!  Spring and cool season weeds will be here soon enough. The most common cool-season annual and perennial weeds will be germinating once our soils warm a bit. It is amazing how quickly it can happen as our days get longer and the sun shines more frequently.

  • Prepare your garden for April showers

    There is no surer sign of spring than blooming gardens and flowerbeds, but what happens behind-the-scenes to get them to that point?
    Much of the work goes in before you even break the soil. Before you dig in, it’s important to choose the proper site, plan what you will be growing, and prepare the soil to yield the best possible results. A garden is nothing without a good foundation, making it extra important to choose the correct site.