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  • Lincoln Day Dinner attracts political heavyweights


  • Dollars and Sense: There are bargains to be had on new, used cars

    Not only are gasoline prices falling, the prices for cars that use the gas are predicted to fall as well. So says the NADA Used Car Guide in its 2015 market forecast.
    The availability of late-model used cars is predicted to rise by 8 percent, which means that consumers are out there shopping for new vehicles and leaving those used cars behind.

  • How to take proper care of your kidneys

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    What can you tell me about kidney disease? My mother died from kidney failure a few years ago at age 76, and I’m curious what my risks are and what I can do to protect myself.
    Kidney Concerned

    Dear Concerned,
    Anyone who has a family history of kidney disease, or who has high blood pressure or diabetes is at risk and needs to have their kidneys tested. Here’s what you should know and some tips to help you take care of your kidneys.

  • Church happenings — Week of Feb. 4

    Spencer Christian to host community open house

  • Are you falling up or falling down?

    This morning I was heading up the stairs and I tripped. I didn’t fall or anything, just stumbled a bit and put out my hand to catch myself on the steps ahead. It wasn’t a big deal, but it got me thinking.
    Most of us have probably stumbled on a step a time or two. In a crowd we may look around in embarrassment and give a little chuckle. But let’s be real, tripping up the steps, and falling down the steps are two very different things! Even if we fall up the steps, we don’t fall that far, and we just pick ourselves up and move on.

  • The truth will set your children free

    I was at an amazing conference last week in Chattanooga, Tennessee. One of the larger nondenominational children’s pastor’s conferences in the country. Why, as a senior pastor, would I be going to a children’s pastor’s conference? Well, there are several reasons. Other than having taught workshops there for many years in the past, I like to know what’s going on in the world of children’s ministry.

  • Answering the call from God
  • How would ‘78 UK team fare against Calipari’s squad?

    A few weeks ago, the vaunted Kentucky Wildcats, who have held the number one ranking in the nation for most of the season, and deservedly so based on their record, were struggling to squeak past Texas A&M in double overtime. On the bench I noticed Aggie reserves wearing warm-up shirts with the slogan “Hype Over Heart.” It almost worked.

  • Bears battle in two close games, win on Saturday

    Two nail-biting finishes made for an exciting week for the Spencer County Bears as they dropped an overtime heartbreaker to Anderson County on Tuesday, before bouncing back with a narrow win on the road at Christian Academy of Louisville on Saturday.
    Blake Lambdin came up big for the Bears down the stretch against CAL, as he scored six of his 12 points in the final two minutes after foul trouble put him on the bench much of the second half.

  • Brussel sprouts are making a comeback

    Brussels sprouts have made a comeback! It used to be that no one liked them and they were hard to come by fresh. Old varieties have been greatly improved from those forced on you as a child. Equally, updated cooking methods probably can stand some credit for elevating the previously mushy, bitter Barbie-doll-sized cabbage to a crispy, nutty treat! In short, don’t boil them to death; try some quick roasting beneath the broiler, instead.