Today's News

  • Suspected DUI a factor in recent accident

    A Mount Eden man was arrested and charged with DUI last Wednesday after slamming the truck he was driving into a utility pole on Elk Creek Road.

  • Spencer County Historical and Genealogical Society announces 2012 essay contest

    The Spencer County Historical and Genealogical Society recently announced the details for its 2012 essay contest
    The deadline is Monday, May 14, and the winner will earn $500.
    The contest is open to any 11th-grade student in Spencer County. This contest is conducted without regard to race, sex, religion, or national origin.
    Essay categories are:
    • Ownership — Research and write an essay on the ownership of the land where you presently live back to the formation of the county.  Include copies of available wills and deeds.

  • COLUMN: Columnist: Our nation is ‘not too far gone’
  • COLUMN: ‘Flurry’ of bills remain in last session days

    The Senate had a full week of legislation and committee meetings, in addition to logging in long hours working on the state’s biannual budget. With 10 days remaining, you will see a flurry of bills voted through the chambers and updates on the budget and state’s road plan these last few working days.
    Last week, the Senate considered and approved many important measures. Two in particular propose constitutional amendments.

  • COLUMN: How state boards control businesses

    When you want a license to practice, say, cosmetology, you need the permission of the Kentucky Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists. Without a license issued by them, you can’t teach cosmetology, own a business that teaches it, become an apprentice in cosmetology, or operate a beauty salon. Same thing applies to nail technicians. Why? Consumer protection. You can hurt someone using chemicals, or operate your salon in unsanitary conditions that could make someone ill.

  • COLUMN: Early spring, early opportunities

    This year, it feels like spring came a month ago. Warm weather, flowers blooming and grass growing are all signs of spring. We also need to consider all the activities spring brings. We have Commonwealth Cleanup Week that began Saturday and non-profit groups can sign up to be a part of our Spring Roadside Litter Abatement Drive.

  • COLUMN: Spring means busy weeks in Frankfort

    It was a beautiful, spring-like week in our Commonwealth. I enthusiastically tackled a busy schedule; here are a few of the details.  On Monday, March 12, we recognized the Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary in the rotunda and on the House floor during session.  

  • Local student will travel to Europe as People to People ambassador

    Spencer County High School freshman Zoë Brooks-Jeffiers fondly remembers having a Paris-themed birthday party as a child. From a young age, she has harbored a love for other cultures. Her mind often wanders to far off lands, imagining what it might be like to experience the vast amount of diversity the world has to offer.

  • Creepy crawly scaly slimy

    Taylorsville Elementary School students got a first-hand peek at some of nature’s slithery, slimy creatures during biologist Brad Reynold’s "Creepy, Crawly, Scaly, Slimy" science presentation last Wednesday. Reynolds spoke to kids about animal diversity, and touched on subjects such as animal groups, life cycles, classification, adaptation and biological change.

    For a slideshow featuring more "creepy, crawly" photos, click here.

  • Four face charges in connection with local theft

    Two Bullitt County men and two Nelson County men have been arrested in the past week by the Spencer County Sheriff’s Department in connection with a local theft on Plum Creek Road.