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  • Bears fall to 10-12

    While heavy rains came late Tuesday night, the Spencer County Bears were mired in a shooting drought a few hours earlier as they experienced a night of cold-shooting on their way to a 65-56 loss at Kentucky Country Day.

  • COLUMN: Get to know the Meyer lemon

    Meyer lemons have been on my list of “must try” food for several years. I finally bought two pounds of them in January for testing purposes. They are believed to be a hybrid between regular lemons and mandarin oranges, and are sweeter than standard lemons. They were brought to the United States from Beijing in 1908.

  • COLUMN: Caring love is the only true love

    This subject is presented a full week before the day each year when most of us remember, with at least a card, or more, those to whom you want to express something special.
    Some go to great extremes to express this love with elaborate gifts. Yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day, one week from tomorrow.

  • SAVVY SENIOR: Car shopping tips for older drivers

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    What resources can you recommend to seniors who are shopping for a car? My wife and I are relatively healthy 70-year-olds and are looking for a new senior-friendly vehicle, but could use some help.
    Older Drivers
    Dear Older,

  • BACK IN TIME: Feb. 6 edition
  • Church Happenings — Week of Feb. 6

    Risen Lord Lutheran plans couples Valentine dinner
    Risen Lord Lutheran Church will host a free couples Valentine dinner on Saturday at 6 p.m. at the church.
    The menu will consist of salad, spaghetti, lasagna and dessert. Entertainment will include marriage jokes and the “Oldie Wed Game.”
    RSVP to Julie at 502-477-6557 or gettingersd@yahoo.com by Thursday to attend.

    Women’s Bible study

  • COLUMN: Jesus came to set you free

    Listen to these words from the gospel of Luke, chapter 4 verses 14-21:

  • COLUMN: ‘Give us today our daily bread’

    The other day I had lunch at a restaurant that brings warm rolls to the table. It was a chilly, rainy sort of day and those rolls were what we needed. There is something about warm, fresh bread that is not only delicious, but comforting as well. Add a little soft butter soaking in and it just gets even better.

  • COLUMN: As the spring season approaches, make sure to prune correctly

    As spring approaches, many homeowners begin to think about their yard’s landscape. The winter months can be damaging to trees and shrubs. To ensure healthy spring plants, homeowners may want to prune the trees and shrubs around their home. But do not just prune for the sake of pruning, make sure you have a valid reason for pruning before you begin.
    Pruning during the late winter months allows for the removal of damage caused by winter winds and precipitation. The wounds caused by pruning heal most quickly this time of year just as new growth is emerging on the plant.

  • COLUMN: Don’t forget about that food you worked so hard to preserve

    Perhaps this can be a reminder of the payoff of “putting up” the garden in spring, summer and fall: We have extended our homegrown eating pleasure into the winter months with some basic preservation methods. If you froze, dried, canned or otherwise preserved fresh fruits and vegetables in 2012 do not forget about them (or horde them for some unreasonable time.)