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  • Levee commission restructures operations

    by WILLIAM B. CARROLL, Spencer Magnet Editor

  • Levee commission using new method

    by WILLIAM B. CARROLL, Spencer Magnet Editor
    Spencer County, Kentucky Levee, Flood Control and Drainage District No. 1 is holding an election on April 7, 2014 and it will be unlike any other election the district has ever held. For the first time in history, the district will be using mail-out ballots to determine next year’s commissioners and secretary.Previously votes were done by voters coming in to the Spencer County Judge Executive’s office and completing ballots by hand.

  • COLUMN: Some azaleas thrive in full sun

    Did you know that azaleas and rhododendrons are essentially the same thing? They are both members of the rhododendron genus; they have similar blooms and similar cultural requirements. Some say the primary difference between the two is the number of pollen-bearing stamens: rhododendron have 10 or more per flower and azaleas have only five.

  • COLUMN: Hard winter took a toll on cattle health

    Producers should consider supplemental feed to help cattle through the next month to six weeks until grass is growing and is past the “watery” stage. Energy and protein are both crucial.
    Most winters take a toll on cattle, but this winter has been tougher than most. Temperatures have been colder, leading to extended periods of livestock cold stress. Ice and snow cover was relentless and more than most Kentucky beef producers have seen in the past 15 to 20 years.

  • OUR VIEW: Local officials should act on issues without delay

    We are glad to see that the City of Taylorsville and the Spencer County Levee, Flood Control and Drainage District No 1 could come to an agreement on two issues of supreme importance to the citizens of Taylorsville and Spencer County.

  • LETTER: Bring back Peercy & Gray
  • LETTER: Citizen shows support for Woodie Cheek

    This fall, the citizens of Spencer County have an opportunity to select new government leaders. I’m sure there are many good people running for office.
    I want to share some experiences I had with one of them. His name is Woodie Cheek.
    I met Woodie when we came together to oppose the proposed airport in 2008.
    What impressed me were his leadership skills, imagination, and work ethic.

  • LETTER: Writer says failure in professionalism causes incident

    I have read the article about the Spencer County Jailer in the Bardstown newspaper. It is entirely possible that the shield separating the driver from prisoners is required by state law. Jailer Herndon did not have the shield closed and now a troubled kid may spend half his life behind bars because of a small failure in professionalism. A small failure that almost got the jailer killed. I sure hope this kids parents aren’t able to file suit on the county over this. KRS 441 section 115 allows for training expenses for the jailer. Maybe that would be a good place to start.

  • HISTORIC PATHWAYS: A bridge, a burning cross and an innocent man

    Some of the contents of my files are a mystery to me. I have notes on little pieces of paper that contain names, addresses and phone numbers, or clippings from newspaper that have been in folders for years I can’t scratch my head too much trying to remember who some of the people were or why I saved their addresses or phone numbers because my hair is too thin and it would be dangerous. Some of them aren’t too difficult to decipher, however.

  • BACK IN TIME: 1994 — SCHS Cheerleaders state champions

    60 years agoMarch 25, 1954
    The number of chicks produced by commercial hatcheries during February was the largest of record for the month, the Crop Reporting Board Reports.
    Production during February totaled 190,983,000 chicks compared with 170,191,000 a year ago and the 1948-52 average of 146,187,000 chicks. The previous high hatch for the month was 190,390,000 chicks produced in February, 1952.