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  • Everything is backwards

    When I was a kid I remember my Father used to play this game with me when we rode along in the car. It wasn’t like count the license plates from different states or anything, no his idea of fun was a little more off the wall. We had to read signs backwards.

  • Adoption strengthened faith
  • Stay attached to the Vine

    Read John 15:1-8

    God’s Word is full of imagery depicting the relationship that Jesus has with all those who are baptized into His name.

    Some examples of that imagery are: Jesus is the Groom and the church is His bride, Jesus is the head of the body and we are the parts of the body, Jesus is the Shepherd and we are the sheep, Jesus is the vine and all who are united to him in faith are the branches.

  • Church to host adoption fair

    Opening your hope up to adoption is an important decision, but one that can begin with the simple step of learning more about the process.

    An adoption fair is scheduled for this Sunday, May 17 from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. at the Chapel 73 Evangel church, located at 95 E. Main Street in Taylorsville.

    The event will include an hour-long adoption class that will provide an overview of information about the adoption process and options beginning at 1:30.

  • Church Happenings - Week of May 13, 2015

    Children’s musical at Briar Ridge

    Briar Ridge Christian Church will be presenting a children’s musical, “Tex’s Dude Ranch Donkey Tales” this Sunday night, May 17 at 6 p.m. The children have worked hard on their lines and solos and are looking forward to sharing stories about donkeys in the Bible.

    All Saints offering Chicken Dinner

  • Zoning: No farm, no fowl

    by MEGAN T. BLANEY/Magnet Freelancer

    Spencer County, known for its sprawling rural beauty, recently changed its zoning to rigorously restrict the number of chickens and livestock residents may have on their property.

    While many county residents are unaware of the new R1 residential zoning limit of one chicken or livestock animal per acre, some feathers have been ruffled.

  • Gourd Art Show celebrates 20 years in Taylorsville


    For twenty years, gourd lovers across Kentucky and neighboring states have traveled to Taylorsville each May for the Kentucky Gourd Art Show. They’ll do so again this weekend.

    Janet Barnett, past president of the Kentucky Gourd Society, was instrumental in starting both the society and the art show. She said it continues to be a premier event among enthusiasts that draws gourd artists from all over.

  • Court hears needs during budget talks

    After nearly five hours of discussing the needs of various departments last Wednesday, members of the Fiscal Court will be at it again this Wednesday as they continue to work out a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

    Judge-Executive John Riley has repeatedly told the court of a significant gap between revenue and expenditures, one he estimated last month to be about $350,000. He submitted a nearly $6.1 million budget proposal to magistrates on May 1, and on Wednesday, opened the meeting with a less-than-optimistic outlook about the county’s finances.

  • Crowd gathers to pray over county


    Nearly 80 people lined up in front of the Spencer County Courthouse and across the street last Thursday at noon to participate in the National Day of Prayer. Many shielded themselves from the bright sun on an unusually warm day as they listened to music and then joined in a series of prayers for the community.

    The annual event is held in small towns and big cities all across the nation to reaffirm the role faith has played in the lives of citizens and in our history.

  • IKEA Simpsonville rumor debunked; other stores in line

    For more than a year, locals have been passing word that IKEA was planning a Simpsonville location, but officials with the Sweden-based retail store say there are no plans in place to build here.

    “At this time, we do not have plans to build in that area,” IKEA public affairs manager Joseph Roth said.

    Roth said the company is always in discussion about potential opportunities, but they are currently not planning a location for the Louisville region.

    “At this time, it’s just speculation,” he said.