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  • Bears shutout Rebels on homecoming


  • Grizzlies named season, conference champs


  • A cheer for the cheerleaders, part 2


  • A cheer for the cheerleaders


    Pictured  are the Spencer County High School cheerleaders. From front left are Coach Michelle, Nicole Bingham, Chrystal Phillips, Lindsey Griffin, Brooke Nevitt, Samantha Swinney, Brittany O’Bryan, Katie Gatrost, Meaghan Devito, Taylor Yates, Taylor Sullivan and Amber Hahn. From back left are Coach Eleschia, Alli Russell, Shelby Hall, Kayla Murphy, Coach Corey, Ashley Durrett, Spencer Williams, Tanner Carden, Mark Kippes, Taylor Jaggers, Christina Quiroa and Coach Karen. Not pictured are Madalyn Douthitt and Cody Chesser.

  • Sports Briefs -- Week of Oct. 3

    Softball tourney to benefit boys’ basketball team
    An inaugural one-pitch softball homecoming tournament to benefit the Spencer County High School boys’ basketball team is planned for Saturday at 9 a.m. at Waterford Park.
    The entry fee is $150 per team, and teams are guaranteed four games.
    A cornhole tournament will take place at the park throughout the day, the event will feature a homerun derby and concessions will be available.
    For more information, contact Scott Noel at 502-510-3934 or Doug Lambdin at 502-609-1532.

  • BBN has Joker gone, short list for Barnhart

    Seems Big Blue Nation’s Deciders already have Joker Phillips on the way to a buy-out and simply waiting until Big Blue Madness before sending Mitch Barnhart the memo.
    With a bit of history in mind, we glance at the Deciders’ whisper short list so far.
    • Bob Petrino? Nah. Kentucky already has a Fran Curci story.
    • Phil Fulmer? Nah. Too old and Kentucky already has a Bill Curry story.

  • Seniors should look into Hepititis C testing

    Dear Savvy Senior,
    In the news last month there was a public health alert urging all baby boomers to get tested for hepatitis C. Is this really necessary, and if so, what are the testing and treatment procedures?
    Weary Wanda

    Dear Wanda,

  • Peanut butter and chocolate are a match made in heaven, so why not try making your own chocolate peanut butter?

    In the late ‘90s, my favorite national-brand peanut butter came out with a silky-smooth chocolate version. I kept a box of crackers and a jar of the chocolate peanut butter on my desk at work for the late afternoon blahs. It was truly wonderful. They did make other flavors, but I never bothered with them. There was no point when there was chocolate peanut butter in the world.
    Eventually, it was taken off the market and I moved on. I tried not to think about it too much, but from time to time I thought of it and wished there was a way to have it again.

  • I need you, you need me, we need one another

    When in your life did you feel “I don’t need anybody” or  “I can do it all myself”? When did this happen in your life? What took place to develop this thought?
    Now, some of you had to fend for yourselves when you should have been able to depend on others to help you. This can happen when adults in your life have virtually abandoned the responsibility to care for you, so you were forced to grow up and survive by taking good care of yourself, or you may not have survived.

  • Fiscal Court moves closer to finding new home for EMS

    Spencer County’s Emergency Medical Services is one step closer to having a new place to call home.
    Fiscal Court members voted Monday morning to enter into negotiations to purchase the existing Spencer County Cooperative Extension Office building for the sole purpose of being utilized as the EMS facility.
    The motion, made by Magistrate Hobert Judd and seconded by Magistrate David Goodlett, passed by a vote of 4-2. Judd, Goodlett, Judge-Executive Bill Karrer and Magistrate Woodie Cheek voted in favor; magistrates Mike Moody and Jerry Davis voted against.