Today's News

  • Farmer vows to rebuild after fire


    Freddie Barrick’s passion for farming and family nearly got him killed last week when a fire broke out in a barn near his home as he rushed into the flames to try to save what he could.

    Instead, he was quickly overcome with smoke and fumes, found himself face down on the ground and asking God for help. Now he and his family are getting help from  others as they begin the process of rebuilding.

  • Residents lose mail service over bad road


    Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night is supposed to prevent the U.S. Post Office from their appointed rounds. But apparently, poorly maintained roads can stop them in their tracks.

    For residents on Tanglewood Drive, mail delivery could cease this week after the Taylorsville Post Office sent notice that their rural carriers will no longer be driving on that road after June 30.

  • Bullitt teen killed in Mt. Eden crash

    An accident late Tuesday night in Shelby County has taken the life of a Mount Washington teen, who was also a junior at Shelby County High School, according to a report filed by the Kentucky State Police.

    The one-vehicle incident, which remains under investigation by KSP, occurred around midnight last Tuesday at 8151 Mount Eden Road.

    State police officials did not return messages seeking more information.

    Shelby County EMS, Mount Eden Fire and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Departments assisted at the scene.

  • State, local officials say voting system was safe from Russian hack

    Did the Russians hack the November presidential election? That’s been one of the top stories nationwide since Donald Trump’s upset win last year, as allegations of tampering by the Russians spurred congressional hearings and federal investigations.

    While it’s hard to wade through the partisan politics, it does seem clear that Russia did try to hack into some voter rolls, but local and state officials say our systems here in Kentucky were not impacted.

  • Campground ribbon cutting


    Local officials  and the Spencer County-Taylorsville Chamber of Commerce joined with the owners of the Taylorsville RV Park and Boat Storage for a ribbon cutting to dedicate the opening of the refurbished campground  located at 11 Hunter Rd. The owners of the facility are Charlie and Sheila Fields, and David and Paula Roe.

  • Independence Day: the history behind America’s biggest holiday


  • California bullying tactics

    The State of California recently announced that it is banning any state-funded travel to Kentucky. That means state employees, athletic teams of state universities and anyone traveling on the taxpayer dime from California will be banned from our wonderful Commonwealth.


    Simply because Kentucky values freedom and the liberties that our Founding Fathers tried to secure and preserve for us over 240 years ago.

  • Unite this 4th of July

    Over two hundred years ago, our Founding Fathers put their lives on the line to create a new country in which freedom reigned. These men had a vision of a nation unafraid to face its enemies and win. We, the people of the United States, have faced insurmountable odds since our young country’s conception but continue to fight for our God-given rights unique to the United States of America.

  • Presumed guilty?

    In 2015, the majority of Kentuckians in 106 counties voted for a governor they believed would change the trajectory of the state for the better: Matt Bevin. Voters were tired of the political status quo—unfunded pensions, deep-seated political corruption, false promises, and thousands of jobs lost to neighboring states.  

  • State Transportation Cabinet prioritizing road work

    The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Monday released a data-driven list of statewide transportation projects that will help guide development of the next Highway Plan.

    Over the past several months, KYTC evaluated and scored more than 1,100 projects across the state using the new Strategic Highway Investment Formula for Tomorrow (SHIFT). The formula is an objective approach that uses data on safety, congestion, asset management, economic growth and cost-benefit ratios, a state news release said.